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Apparently it’s in his blood

11 Feb

To go along with my previous post according to Wikipedia,  “This breed [Weimaraners] is known for having a penchant for stealing food from table and counter tops whenever given the chance.”

Clearly he can’t help himself. I also recently re-read a book on his breed that I got when we first got him that also talked about how the breed likes to sleep in beds and on pillows (Athens goes as far as undercovers) and that they have a tendency to open doors and cabinets and taht people have resorted to babyproofing for their weim. Which we also had to do. We had to lock the pantry because Athens broke into it too often and ate everything.

However look at how fucking cute he is!

Things My Dog Has Eaten

6 Feb

Please remind me of something i’ve forgotten:*

  • Bowl of chocolate kisses (with wrappers)
  • All pantry items (including but not limited to: raw pasta, mashed potato flakes, peanut butter, rice, Hamburger Helper, Gerber Graduates, dried soup)
  • Sippy Cups/Bottles
  • Plastic bowls & silverware
  • Tupperware and lids
  • Nuks
  • Nylon Sock
  • Plants
  • Ceramic
  • Zinc lozenges
  • Vaseline (licked out half of it)
  • Keys and keychains
  • Camera & case
  • Leather headphones
  • Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Too many pans of banana bread
  • Birthday Cake (before I got to blow out the candles!)
  • Garbage
  • Carpet (there is significant hole in our bedroom. We moved the bed over it)
  • Any food not immediately put away.
  • Used Kleenex
  • Diaper
  • Leather shoe
  • Towels (he more ripped than ate them)

*Note these are all things he has eaten without permission.


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