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SHHH… Secrets

23 Apr

I have always considered myself to be an extraordinarily honest person. Potentially to a fault. Sometimes I laugh awkwardly when I’m telling the truth and people think I’m lying. But I’m really not. I’m just awkward 98% of the time in my head and sometimes it seeps out in public.

Generally speaking I find comfort in revealing myself to others. It makes me feel closer to them whether real or imagined. This past Easter weekend my mother was asking me if I met one of my favorite bloggers (that she sometimes reads) in real life what that would be like. I said that I would feel like we are friends because I know so much about her life, but she knows so little of mine because I don’t think she reads my blog. Though I didn’t mention the part about my blog because I like to live in a bubble in which my parents don’t know about my blog. My mother pointed out that she really doesn’t say very much about her personal life in her blog. Sure I would know her kids names, could pick them out of a line up and could tell you some things about them, but what do I really know about her life? And yes we converse on twitter, but is that really a legitimate form of communication and bonding?

Sometimes even if we say a lot we say nothing at all.

Recently I was telling The H how easy it is for me to talk one of my best friends because he’s so removed from everything. Then I thought about it. Am I really that honest? I mean despite all that I do say, what is left unsaid? I go to each of my best friends for very different things. There are things I would say to one but not the other and vice versa. They each fulfill a very specific need of mine. But then what about all the things I don’t say to anyone. Honestly, I rarely talk about my children. Or my husband. Or my family. I talk about things that have happened. And I talk about my feelings but do I talk about the why? There’s a plethora of posts out there about something without really ever saying what something is.

It’s the vulnerability that I’m afraid of. My feelings are so easily hurt already, imagine if I truly bared my soul? What then? But there are some secrets that I will share. Most certainly. Like a nice light topic of some of my favorite baby products. Since I am after all a mother of two. I always stick to a company if I like them. I’m loyal like that. And from the moment I had Bear I fell in love with Tiny Love products which happily are carried by Target. Like this bouncer which I didn’t get until Bella’s baptism, but wish that I had earlier with Bear. And this mobile. And this gymni that’s gone through two babies and is holding on strong. And this crib toy. And this toy and this toy and this toy.  Honestly that bouncer with Bella was a saving grace and the toy it comes with is detachable so I clipped it to her car seat on our first 7 hour drive to Chicago and it kept her entertained. Praise the Lord! It also has five stars from the reviews, when does that ever really happen?

I really hope you take a moment to check out my Target store because I highly recommend all of these Tiny Love products. Especially the fruit toys as baby shower gifts. And if you do it I’ll even tell you a real secret… maybe.

Tiny Love doesn’t even know who I am so this is 100% my own opinion. I do however have a partnership with Target allowing me to curate my own store and share my favorite baby products with you. I’m also obsessed with Target so there’s that too.   


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