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Easter. Censored.

10 Apr

For the uncensored version go here.

The Holiday Weekend started with me working a blissful half day. Perhaps it was even the most productive day of my whole work week honestly.

Last year I had purchased a living social deal for a cleaning service and since it was expiring I smartly booked it for Good Friday, so it was spotless for my parents visit. This way I figured there wouldn’t be as much cleaning and stress for me and my mother wouldn’t feel like she needed to clean and could play with the kids instead. If you have a Polish mother you know their level of clean is above average.

I picked up an adorable hunny bunny from Great Harvest and even got Hot Cross Buns thinking my parents would like the whole wheat buns with raisins and cranberries instead of the cinnamon rolls I know my family would prefer.

I saved the Easter egg dyeing for my parents visit thinking it’d be a fun activity and great photo op. The egg dyeing took significantly less time than I remember. I think next year we might be ready to move up to painting and not just dyeing.Or try these adorable silk dyed eggs that Casey had posted about.

On Saturday Bear was at an all day birthday party but the rest of us took our baskets to be blessed at the Polish Catholic Church and then had lunch at Dixies on Grand.

Sunday morning the kids hunted Easter eggs. It was adorable watching Bella look for her eggs and having her and Bear work together!

They also found their Easter baskets. I pared it down a little, but I think they still really liked them!

We had Easter morning breakfast and I made the bunny napkins I had pinned.

Then after church we went to The H’s grandmother’s for lunch with the whole extended family.Which also involved some outdoor play with the “grown up kids” which was as usual tons of fun even though I got hit in the nose with a ball🙂

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Dreams Do Come True

30 Dec

On the Eve of Christmas Bella and Bear donned their elf pajamas and

we gathered round the Christmas Tree and read The Night Before Christmas.

On December 25th at 2am Bear awoke and saw that Santa had arrived, but went back to bed and waited patiently.

The table was set in the morning and a feast was had,

after which we tore into the presents:

When it was my turn it was not the necklace that I had asked for that was my favorite. It was a rectangular shaped box from my mother that had a card attached which read

As I tore into the package I realized what was inside despite my tear rimmed eyes.

At almost twenty-seven years old my mother got me the gift that I had always dreamed and ask for as a child.


This Christmas I learned dreams can come true for anyone at any age.



13 Dec Snow Trees

There are tiny hands wrapped in layers of fleece and wool, eyelashes dusted with snow, crimson cheeks and noses. I am pulling you both in a ratty plastic sled which has sat 100s of children who have walked these paths towed by huffing and puffing parents. We are searching, hunting, for the perfect Christmas tree to adorn our home. Checking for hidden brown needles, bare spots, fullness and height.

We place our tree in the front window and brew hot chocolate with whipped cream and mini marshmallows. On a special holiday platter sit seven different kinds of Christmas cookies and we watch the lights twinkle on our freshly cut tree as the crumbs settle in the corner of our lips. The sounds of the carolers echo in our ears as we carefully unwrap delicate ornaments who have been hibernating awaiting just this moment.

With steady careful hands we dress the tree. First the bulbs, then the ornaments, then saving the best for last — those Santa brings to our home on every December 6th. On the Eve of Saint Nicholas Day we place our Christmas lists on our bedroom floor and when we wake we are left with a special ornament chosen just for us.

This year I received a partridge in a pear tree.

My husband a hand blown bulb made in Romania with frosted trees.

Bear his favorite, a singing Scooby Doo ornament that the family dances to.

For Bella, a Santa who counts down the days until Christmas.

In years past we have been blessed with ornaments memorializing weddings, births, favorite moments.  And they each are suspended on our tree, a moment, a memory, a dream frozen in time. The lights dance across them and I remember why I love this season, despite it all.


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Crazy about Christmas Cards

10 Nov

Sometime ago when I was at BabyGap (which could be any time since I seem to be there on a semi-daily basis) they had a promotion that if you spend $50 you’ll get a gift card to use at Tiny Prints. I was all about this having used Tiny Prints for Bella’s baptism, both kids birthday parties and the MN best friend’s baby shower. Plus, I seem to be one of the last people I know who sends Christmas cards, something I actually find quite disappointing. I loved receiving Christmas cards as a kid, it was one of my favorite things around the holidays. And despite the fact that I seem to send an abundance of cards, my return is slim at best. I’m hoping this is not a dying tradition. I’m all for email, texts, etc but let’s keep something the good old fashioned way!

Recently on twitter since I follow Tiny Prints I saw that they were talking about Christmas cards, recalling that apparently it is already November this is in fact on my to do list and I had this gift card so I should probably get on top of this sooner rather than later.

Looking at their website I’m kind of at a loss at which card to choose because I love them all. This is in fact often my problem when using Tiny Prints, they have too many amazing designs. However the handy filters on the left side allow me to narrow my choice by card type and number of photos. I actually haven’t figured out which photos I’m going to use. I have the family photos from the summer, Bella’s first year photos and I have this glimmer of an idea about taking some photos of the kids in their holiday wear. When I’m going to achieve these grand plans I’m not exactly sure.

But first picking a design. What do you think?

1. Stitched Collage Winter:  I love how unique this is with the cut out.

2. Color Wreath Vanilla: The nice thing about the ornament cards are instant display on the recipients Christmas tree!

3. Merry Medley White: I like that it also say’s Happy New Year in the greeting.

4. Spread Cheer: A non-Christmas Holiday Card

5. Merry Grid Tomato: This certainly helps my indecisive nature in pick which photos to use!

So, what do you think I should pick??

All opinions and grammatical errors are entirely my own. In talking about these amazing cards (I was going to get anyway) Tiny Prints is compensating me with 50 Christmas Cards! Woohoo!

Christmas = Presents

27 Dec

I find that the older I get the less and less exciting Christmas is. It used to be something I couldn’t contain myself in excitement for, and now it seems to sneak up on me faster and faster. I kept thinking to myself on Xmas Eve that it felt just like any other day. I hate that it feels like every other day.

What used to make Christmas so special?

As shallow as it will sound I feel like it was the presents. As a kid, I mean, that’s the most exciting part. The anticipation of getting new things, the unknown, the excitement that was the best part. Then of course all the gifts.

Now not only do I usually know my gifts, when I don’t they’re never that exciting. Its either something I asked for or something inherently practical. Adults seem to get crappy gifts, crappy only in the sense that a shirt can never be as exciting as a Barbie or a dollhouse. Like last year we got a snowblower from the H’s parents. Useful yes, but how excited can one be over a snowblower?

This year my parents fixed up the H’s car for Xmas. Which was expensive, something we couldn’t afford but needed. But again, how exciting can that really be? The H’s parents gave us money that we used to buy a treadmill, which was exciting because we chose how to use the money and having a treadmill is pretty awesome, but we found, purchased, received and put together the treadmill on our own, and before Xmas. Not exactly the experience of unwrapping a gift on Xmas morning.

What I think I miss is the surprise. There’s just not any surprise left in Christmas for me. The best gift I got was LOST season 1 and 5 which I got from the H (so in a sense purchased myself) That’s sort of the other thing. The H and I weren’t supposed to get each other gifts (a) because Mexico was our gift and b) because we can’t afford to and c) because its like buying yourself a gift) and he got me the two LOST Dvds (that I really wanted), some bubble bath and lotion for Ulta and a giraffe cup from Pier 1 I wanted. I got him a book (a cool one at that) but still it wasn’t equal footing so I feel bad.

Of course there’s Bear (my son) who raked in more presents than royalty I’m sure. He essentially had 4 Christmas’s (The H’s grandma, The H’s parents, My parents, us) and probably got at least $100 worth of presents from each. Kid has more things than I can imagine and the worse part is there is so much more I want to get him. I really have a complex with this desire to give him everything.


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