Wet. Wild. Water.

16 May

There was excitement and trepidation as I packed my family’s things for a one night two day trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Excitement because I love waterparks and knew that this trip to the Kalahari would be one that my kids would enjoy immensely. The trepidation was not over how I would be able to go on body slides while watching the children, it was not about how I would manage to stick to the very strict The 17 Day Diet, but it was amount spending the weekend with my mother given all the recent issues. And not just any weekend — mother’s day weekend, but that is a whole other post in itself.

I was initially amazed at how somehow my trunk was full of stuff given that we were just going for such a short amount of time and then I realized it was the children. My luggage consisted of a razor, comb, three swimsuits, a pajama and a change of clothes. But for the kids we had diapers, and swim diapers, and toys and a play yard, and blankets, and clothes, and swimsuits, and towels, and movies, and a portable DVD player and snacks and shoot me now.

The drive was good. We spent most of the 3.5 hour car ride listening to The Last 5 Years which I love. The children were either asleep or listening to the Scooby Doo movie on their headphones so they couldn’t hear me “belting as loud as I can”.

I was very pleased to see that the living social deal I had gotten was for quite a fancy suite and there was more than enough room for my parents and the four of us. I actually wish I had bought more than one so we could have stayed for two nights.

I was however all business and wanted everyone straight in their swimsuits and out to the water park so we can get every last moment of pure joy in. I’m all about getting my money’s worth. Other people apparently wanted to do things like “eat lunch.”

After all of that shenanigans we did get down to business and it was SO MUCH FUN. It was great having my parents there because we could all alternate who was going down the slides with the children and give us the opportunity to go on things the children couldn’t. Bella had a great time. There were at least 4 kid areas filled with tons of slides and play areas perfect for her and there were two family raft rides that she went on as well as of course the lazy river/wave pool. It was great that at 19 months she could still participate and really have a fun time. Bear of course had a blast, there were few rides that he wasn’t tall enough/good enough swimmer for.

I absolutely shocked myself on the things that I went on. In fact there was not a single slide that I didn’t go on. When somehow all of my family had disappeared on various different tasks I walked over to take a picture (that doesn’t do it justice) of this ridiculous straight down slide, the screaming hyena.

And then without even letting myself think for a moment or say a word to a single person I started climbing the steps. Going higher and higher until I was at the top staring at these capsules with my heart pounding out of my chest. They place you in a capsule and you must cross your ankles and interlock your hands behind your head. A very unnatural uncomfortable position. Then the door closes and they count down from three until the floor drops from under you and fall. FAST.

I only did the hyena once as my legs instantly uncrossed and lots of water went where water shouldn’t go. I did however go on the Sahara sidewinders I think seven times. It starts the same in the capsule and the drop and then you do some crazy loops and crazy things happen to you and maybe you don’t listen to the rules and try to plug your nose because of all the water and the sheer force causes you to flip on your stomach and you think you may die and it takes all of your strength and willpower to flip back over. But it was so worth it.

I also tried to surf. But what that really meant is that I completely and utterly flashed every single person at the water park.

If only the lady hadn’t been so insistent that I try and stand up I could have just laid on my stomach happily.

Now the theme park… that was a whole other adventure.

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Sadly Living Social and Kalahari don’t know that I exist. It would be nice if they did, this post however does contains Amazon Affiliate Links. 

8 Responses to “Wet. Wild. Water.”

  1. MJ, Nonstepmom May 16, 2012 at 10:37 am #

    Thanks for the memories….many vacations spent at the Dells !

    • Marta May 17, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

      I’ve always loved the Dells and I hope my kids will too!

  2. Beth May 16, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    OH MY GOSH Marta I’m so proud of you! I remember at Disney you didn’t want to go on anything by yourself, much less the scariest ride there! GOOD JOB!!!!! (Remember that evil rollercoaster that went backwards? I thought I was dying.🙂 )

    • Marta May 17, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

      🙂 Yes I definitely remember Everest I actually went back on it this past January! I think it was different because the line was short and the ride even shorter. I didn’t have time to panic!

  3. gojulesgo May 16, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    That sounds AWESOME! I’m so glad you tried everything and had such a great time!! And I’m sure no one minded the flashing, LOL That is such a cool picture!

    • Marta May 17, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

      Lol. My husband tells me he didn’t see anything because of all the water. I’m hoping that’s the case.

  4. Galit Breen (@GalitBreen) May 18, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

    Looks like so much fun and you, are so, so very brave and adventurous! Go you!!


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