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Easter. Censored.

10 Apr

For the uncensored version go here.

The Holiday Weekend started with me working a blissful half day. Perhaps it was even the most productive day of my whole work week honestly.

Last year I had purchased a living social deal for a cleaning service and since it was expiring I smartly booked it for Good Friday, so it was spotless for my parents visit. This way I figured there wouldn’t be as much cleaning and stress for me and my mother wouldn’t feel like she needed to clean and could play with the kids instead. If you have a Polish mother you know their level of clean is above average.

I picked up an adorable hunny bunny from Great Harvest and even got Hot Cross Buns thinking my parents would like the whole wheat buns with raisins and cranberries instead of the cinnamon rolls I know my family would prefer.

I saved the Easter egg dyeing for my parents visit thinking it’d be a fun activity and great photo op. The egg dyeing took significantly less time than I remember. I think next year we might be ready to move up to painting and not just dyeing.Or try these adorable silk dyed eggs that Casey had posted about.

On Saturday Bear was at an all day birthday party but the rest of us took our baskets to be blessed at the Polish Catholic Church and then had lunch at Dixies on Grand.

Sunday morning the kids hunted Easter eggs. It was adorable watching Bella look for her eggs and having her and Bear work together!

They also found their Easter baskets. I pared it down a little, but I think they still really liked them!

We had Easter morning breakfast and I made the bunny napkins I had pinned.

Then after church we went to The H’s grandmother’s for lunch with the whole extended family.Which also involved some outdoor play with the “grown up kids” which was as usual tons of fun even though I got hit in the nose with a ball🙂

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


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