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Wash Wash Wash

9 Mar

Our washing machine broke almost six weeks ago. I had just finished 8 loads maybe 9 and was about to begin the kids clothes when it decided it was done. Granted our washing machine has been a state of broken since we moved into the house in July 2008. The middle agitator just comes out. Which isn’t really ideal. But I just pop it back in and move along with my business.

Well that is until mid-January when it decided to pop out and break into tiny pieces of pointy plastic. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about throwing my clothes into a shredder.

Magically we have had enough clothes that its been okay. I apparently could open a Victoria Secret with all the free underwear I have. I have re-worn pants a slightly unsanitary amount of times and have thus also purchased new pants to accommodate this (and my waistline).

The kids clothes we’ve been washing at either The H’s mother’s or grandmother’s. So we’ve been okay. We’ve (correction: I’ve) also been researching like crazy. If I’m going to buy something that’s going to be around for a long time I want the best. I don’t want a $200 washer I can buy off some guy on craigslist. I want a beautiful obnoxiously expensive one with lots of buttons. Buttons are key.

This is going to be my washing machine until I move out. This is going to be the washing machine I try to sell my house with. I’m going to wash bazillions of loads in it. And Goddammit I want to feel fancy while I do it. I want a special button for my towels, and my kids clothes, and my clothes that should be hand washed but I don’t do that. And finally after being convinced that front load is best I’ve been to Home Depot and Sears a stalkerish amount of times. I go. I look at the buttons, I spin the basket around, I faint at the price and I leave.

But finally I found (online) not only an amazing washing machine (with great reviews) but for an amazing deal. And I’m a sucker for a deal. So much so that I convinced the H that we needed the matching dryer because its too much of a freaking good deal not to get the set. Plus they talk to each other. Who else can say that their washing machine tells the dryer how wet the clothes are going to be and what kind they are?

So I bit the bullet and I tried to buy the muthafuckas. I walked into Home Depot with the plastic burning my hand and tried to fork it over only to be told our dryer was sold out. “Say whaaat?” After all of this planning and debating! Why do they show it online if you can’t actually buy it??

Back to Square 1. We decide to hit up Warner Stellian and discover a beautiful Electrolux washer and dryer for a reasonable price with rebate (not the price in link from the manufacturer website). And it says “welcome” to me. What more do I need from a machine that spins my dirty clothes into cleanliness? We buy it right then and there and expect (are told) next day delivery only to find out the next day that the shipments are on backorder and they don’t know when it will be here.


So then they offered us the floor model…. which we declined. Time passes. Then it was going to come on Wednesday, but they couldn’t guarantee that delivery wouldn’t happen between 2-3pm in which I was in a meeting I couldn’t miss. So now finally 6 weeks later there are two burly men in my house taking down doors and putting in my washer and dryer. I may do some loads and get loaded.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I can finally stop wearing thongs.


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