Things I Would Have Tweeted

3 Sep

Since Wisconsin seems to be a complete dead zone for 3G service I kept track in notes my mental tweets from the 6 hour drive to Chicago from Minnesota. I was accompanied only by my 4.5 year old, so it proved to be an entertaining drive.

9a-10:30 Pouring rain. No visibility. May die. #soloishroadtrip

10:45 I wish I was a boy and could pee while driving. #soloishroadtrip #chicagobound

11:42 (Lisbon) I’ve never had to pee so much in my whole life. Didn’t think I’d make it. #soloishroadtrip

11:51 (New Lisbon) I feel amazing. Best pee ever. #soloishroadtrip

11:57 (Mauston) MDs stop. “Mommy it’s okay sometimes it takes a long time” #soloishroadtrip

12:13 (insert expletives here) they (expletive) forgot my (expletive) coke!!

12:20 it’s tough to eat a big Mac while driving. #soloishroadtrip

12:43 “how do you make purple?”

12:44 “Um.. with the primary colors. Mmmm.. blue and red I think. Let’s call daddy.” #kindergartenfailure

1:15 Oh god why did I drink so much coke and smoothie?

1:28 Raining again. Good thing I don’t have to pee terribly. #sarcasm

1:48 (Ixonia) Petting zoo. Bathroom. Rain. No petting.

2:38 “Knock knock. Whose there? Refrigerator. Refrigerator who? Banana Peel”

2:47 Playing what I call “car tag.”  4 of us wanting to drive much faster than we should. Black corvette and Blue Cadillac (?) weaving in and out switching who’s the leader. Green Grand Caravan Taxi and I trying to keep up. #nospeedingticketyet

2:57 Waukegan 21 toll. No Cash. No Ipass. Note to self: pay later.

3:04 Lake Forest Oasis. #CheeseheadFree

3:13 Toll edens 24. Note to self: pay later.

3:22 Exit at Old Orchard!!

Detour to Party City to purchase additional bachelorette party supplies, and go the bathroom, yet again. 

3:49 Passing Cemetery “Why are there so many dead people?”

3 Responses to “Things I Would Have Tweeted”

  1. Tracie September 3, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    I kind of like reading mental tweets all chronologically like this.

    Although, I am suddenly seized with an urge to pee.

  2. Cindy September 4, 2011 at 9:10 am #

    I love to read other people’s stream of consciousness type stuff! Also, I have to pee.

    • M September 4, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

      It seemed to have that affect on people =)

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