All About the Wean

5 Aug

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and I’m thinking about weaning.

Not because I just want to be done with and don’t want to pump. I got over that when I started pumping much less, which made it seem like much less of a burden. And I know why I breastfeed — this is why — it’s because my supply has dwindled. And when I say dwindled I mean in the 20 minutes I pumped at work today I got 3 oz TOTAL. Which is not much. At all. And isn’t exactly the equivalent of the 20 oz Bella probably had today. Oddly enough I wrote a similar post in November 2007 when I was breastfeeding Bear.

Luckily, when I had an abundance of supply I froze a lot of milk so we’ve been working off of frozen for a few weeks now in addition to the little I’m creating. When I’m home I try to always nurse her. And she’s swallowing so she must be getting something, right? She gets bored quickly and tries to move onto better things when I’m feeding her, but I think that’s also in part due to the fact that she’s 10 months old now and always on the go.

My doctor gave us the okay to go to cows milk at 11 months instead of formula if I’m out of milk. I’m just hoping I can even get that far with what I’ve got. I even got my period back. First time since December 2009 Aunt Flo visited me and I was quite unprepared. I was at work in a white skirt at the time. Luckily, I had an emergency tampon so it was okay. What wasn’t okay was the next day when I was at the beach with my family and the Art Teacher in Chicago and I realized that there was a lot of very peach waterly liquid running down my legs. Since I had just gotten out of the water it was quite bleached out and I was able to wrap myself in a towel and make a beeline to the restroom. Not pleasant, but I macguyvered it together.

That was a long tangent away from weaning.

While I may physically be prepared to wean and my body is already creating much less supply Bella has no idea this is coming. How do you start to prepare them? Just give her less and less in her bottles? Give her less bottles? Switch a bottle with whole milk and hope she doesn’t see through my trickery?

You’d think having a 4 year old would mean I knew what I was doing but let me tell you a secret: you forget. Your brain gets filled with preschool facts and you’ve forgotten what in the world to do with an infant. Pretty sure I can’t use a sticker chart with Bella to help her wean. Or promise her a bakugan if she stops nursing.

3 Responses to “All About the Wean”

  1. Anita @ Mommy in Search of Me August 10, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    I had gotten a tea with fenugreek and some other herbal supplements to build my supply and weaned about 2 months ago (i really had that much) What i did was start skipping feeding and using the bottle so my supply diwndled. For example I was pumping at work 3 times a day and cut it back to 2 times over a couple day then i wasn’t pumping at all during work hours after about 2 weeks and so on. Good luck!

    • M August 10, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

      Thanks! Its been easy to wean myself because I’ve been cutting down on how often I pump and such. I think I just need to slowly start cutting her off, she’s just not quite ready to be replaced with whole milk yet but I could do water!

  2. Alison (@plus2point4) September 10, 2011 at 2:20 am #

    The amount you pump doesn’t represent how much your baby is getting.Babies are more efficient than a pump so you should never measure how much you pump as an indication of your milk supply.

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