Wanted: Vacation

25 May

It’s been a long time since “summer” meant anything to me beyond a respite from the awful Minnesota weather. Summer once meant long days waking up late with the sun shining down on my face, biking around my neighborhood, cold dripping Trix popsicles, sand between my toes, wet bathing suits, dark nights with the breeze blowing through my curtains. Summer meant reading a book a day by the pool. It meant running through sprinklers.

Now, summer is going from one air conditioned space to the next. Waking up too early, going to work, coming home, going to bed, rinse and repeat. The weekends are no different. I’ve noticed the latter especially through the years, were Friday and Saturday nights still mean something to people. Whereas the weekend to me is like any other day of the week. There is no sleeping in, no staying up late, no meandering through the day. Its just like the other days except my bosses have shrunk in size to a preschooler and a baby.

I desperately want to go on vacation. Everywhere online in blogs, newsletters and twitter everyone is a buzz about summer vacation. Best places to take your family, what to do for long car rides, best beaches, best pool toys. I want that. I want to go somewhere. Do nothing beyond lathering everyone up with sunscreen and sending them off to the sand and surf. While I can’t afford to go on a real vacation I realize that an extended trip to Chicago could accomplish a lot of what I want. After all my summer memories all revolve around summers growing up in Chicago.

Now the question is scheduling. Between the H and my work schedule (and piddly amount of vacation time left), Bear’s summer class schedule, weddings and thinking of the costs (dog boarding, gas, occasional food) I’m not sure how to make it work. That and the fact that since my parents are still in Paris or London, or wherever they technically are right now, I haven’t even broached the topic of squatting at their place for a long(er) weekend. The ideal to me would be fourth of July weekend. Then we could go to the parade! It has been so long since I’ve spent a fourth of July back home. Bear has no classes that week and Monday is a built in day off for the H. However, he couldn’t take off the days surrounding because everyone already has them off. The whole point of this is to be longer than a weekend, especially when two of those days are spent driving it leaves very little sun and sand time.

Next option is the end of July. I have to go to Chicago anyway for the MOH’s bridal shower. The H wants to go because there’s a UFC Event in Chicago which he thinks/hopes my dad can get tickets for. I’m against this weekend because I don’t want Bear to miss tennis and because the Devo Assistant’s last day is the 29th and it would be a bad time for me to be away from the office for  a long time, plus I would have just gotten back from a week long conference in Orlando. Which while work related isn’t physcially me in the office.

I’m hesitant to get into August (which does have the benefit of Lake Michigan being warmer) because of Bear’s summer activities and we’ll be back in Chicago for the wedding soon after that. Which leaves Labor Day weekend. Advantages: Going anyway for Bachelorette Party, Built in Monday off for the H, no Bear Summer activities. The downside is that we’ll be back in Chicago on the 15th for the wedding. Is that too soon?

I just want to go on vacation!

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