17 May

I think I need to play the lottery or something because I’ve been on a winning streak. Which is so out of the norm. I never win anything except for the cake walk I won at a school fair in the fourth grade. That’s the only thing I recall winning. Oh, I did win a sombrero when the H and I were in Mexico. But really I don’t win things, I’m not a lucky person. I don’t go to the casino for that reason.

But lately I’ve been winning.

I entered the Kodak Momtastic Contest on facebook and was a weekly winner winning this awesome pewter keychain!

I participated in @MomFashionFile twitter party and won $100 at Hoseanna

My Merona for Target outfit won for May 6th to dress ScaryMommy, giving me a $25 Target giftcard (which I actually have yet to hear anything about…)

… and lastly I just found out that the slip of paper I randomly filled out at the JBF event the New Mom and I went to on Friday got chosen as the winner for a one hour photo session at NLJ Studios! And she doesn’t charge a boatload for photos but rather they’re included digitally with your photo session and you can develop them on your own time. WIN WIN!

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