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The Weekend I Feared

4 May

Last Friday, the H was to go camping for three days effectively leaving me as a single mother from Friday morning to Monday evening. While on same vague level I feared the bear or moose attack that he could encounter being in the north woods I mostly feared this time alone with the kids. I griped about it to co-workers while secretly admitting that the worse I made it seem the better it would have to be. The difference from other times I’m alone with them is that while on maternity leave or on Mondays I always have that 6p respite when the H comes home. Here I would be all alone.

I feared it from a combination of reading spring break horror stories and the worst case scenario of I die and no one notices. Which would leave Bella sobbing and starving in her crib for four days. Bear, I know could manage. He would pull up a chair, open the fridge and get some milk and yogurt and watch on demand through some hit and miss with the remote. I like to think he could figure out how to feed Bella too, problem is he just couldn’t take her out of her crib.

Clearly, I’ve thought a lot about this but I haven’t died (yet) so it’s of no consequence now.

The weekend I had been dreading actually went great. On Friday, Bear had his kindergarten pre-screening assessment that he passed with flying colors and as a treat we got Starbucks. Blueberry muffin for him, cappuccino and croissant for me. My MN best friend visited that afternoon, in the evening we had the incident but after that passed Bear and I order chicken wings and pizza from Dominos (and waited much longer than the 45-55 minutes quoted) we also drank sparkling grape juice from champagne glasses and watched Iron Man 2. It was quite the special evening. He wound up going to bed at 10:30 (in my bed) and I went in an hour later after working on my shutterfly book. Basically I had a date with my 4 year old son.

Saturday was mostly uneventful, we did go see Rio in the afternoon. As I arrived at the theater with 2 kids I began to reconsider if this was a good idea but Bella slept the whole movie minus the first 15 minutes when she was trying to figure out what was going on. The movie I loved especially all the references to Minnesota. Definitely recommend it!

Then I got a call from the H that they were coming early due to freezing rain and such which elicited my response: what for? We still had so much fun to be had!

So that night with the kids at my in laws my GNO turned into a double date with the H and the Godfather joining the MN Best friend and I at ApplebeesĀ  then I finished my shutterfly book and went to bed an hour after the H just like my date with Bear!

Overall it was a successful weekend. I am constantly impressed and amazed at what an amazing big brother Bear is. He so clearly loves his sister so much (and tells her so). He would sing her songs or “read” her Scooby Doo books and play with her if I was occupied. He loved helping make purees for her (more on that later) or picking them out from the store bought ones. He even would help feed her nicely scooping up the food and putting it in her mouth. I was in constant awe. I think a part of how it was such a successful weekend is because I had a little helper with me!

(Photos are from other times he played/read with her!)

Bear Reads Scooby Doo to Bella

Bear and Bella have a tea party


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