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Thank you @Shutterfly!

1 May

So on Friday night I frantically realized that the free shipping and mother’s day card promo on Shutterfly was ending on 4/28 when I had assumed it was going through 5/1 like the 30% off photobooks. So at 9:30 pm I turned off the Grey’s Anatomy I was in the middle of and frantically went downstairs to upload photos and make my photo books, prints, mother’s day card. A lot of ambitious projects to complete in 2.5 hours.

Needless to say they obviously did not come to fruition. My 2003 Apple Powerbook could not remotely handle the concept of me uploading 323 photos from my digital camera (also of an ancient digital time) and our desktop in the basement built by my dad throughout the years before he bought a new one, well its not really functioning too well either. I had uploaded my photos successfully and was in the process of downloading my parents photos when the computer just shut off. I mean completely, power off. Upon restarting it Picasa kept crashing, and I couldn’t get to the shutterfly (or twitter to complain) website because it kept saying it had some sort of security certificate issues.

Just awesome.

I literally came upstairs slamming doors, cursing, on the verge of creating physical harm to the computer downstairs. Luckily by the great mercy of social media my tweets from my iphone were seen by @shutterfly and they extended both promos to me! Woohoo!

So I was able to spend all of Saturday actually creating my photobooks. I made two books, ordered 40 prints, and had the H design me a mother’s day card. I would have likely just made my own card had he not impromptu gotten back early from camping (more on that later) and last night at 11:30pm I was able to press complete order with 30 minutes to spare before the 30% off promo would have been over.

Now… to figure out how much it would cost to buy a new tower for the desktop. I fear that buying Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 will cost more than the Lenovo tower I was eying online… Sigh. As for my laptop I plan to replace it with an ipad 2 or maybe 3 by then🙂


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