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Happy 6 month Birthday Bella!

22 Mar

Happy Birthday Belly!

I cannot believe you’re six months old already, how are you getting so big so quick? It’s unbelievable how different you are from three months ago. In these past three months you’ve had your first Christmas. You had your baptism. You’ve mastered rolling around and eaten your first foods. You’ve even made your first trip to Chicago to see Babi and Papi. It’s been an exciting three months.

In December you went with us sledding and we left you on top of the hill in your car seat while we all sledded down!

Christmas was great. You loved all the excitement and people of your three Christmases! And Santa obviously rewarded you well with tons of toys and gifts. You’re one lucky girl.

On January 14, Daddy called me at work to tell me that you rolled over both ways. Then you went on a brief break deciding that rolling over was overrated. Now you’re doing it all the time. You’ve decided you don’t really need to crawl because you can roll your way across a room to get where you need to be. You’ve also figured out a way to roll forward. You scoot your butt up in the air and then push forward getting a couple of inches as you roll to your back, then you roll to your stomach again and repeat. You’re also always rolling over in your crib that we’ve resigned to just letting you sleep on your stomach because that’s what you seem to want to do.

On January 24th we gave you your first rice cereal. Which didn’t go particularly well. You got it all over the place and weren’t quite sure what we were trying to do. But you did quite enjoy the spoon. Now, you’re crazy about munching and can’t get enough cereal. You especially like trying to feed yourself and we need to pry the spoon from you to be able to get more food on it. Yesterday, you had your first puree: Applesauce! As predicted you loved that too and munched it up for lunch and dinner.

Your baptism was the day before Valentine’s Day. It was a beautiful day outside. Sunny and warm, a nice respite from the extreme cold. It was a beautiful ceremony that you smiled your way through and didn’t cry at all when the Pastor took you and dipped your head with the cold water. You looked more confused than anything else. Everyone loved you in your beautiful white dress.

At the end of February we drove to Chicago to surprise Babi for her Babi’s 50th birthday. You did very well in the 7 hour car trip there. You mostly slept or played with the toy from your new bouncy chair that the New Godmother got you for your baptism. In fact, you and your brother were much better than me who was cramped and tired and ready for the car ride to be over multiple times. I think Daddy got tired of me telling him to go faster. Babi was so surprised to see you and Bear for her birthday. She had no idea that we were coming. Mommy’s friends from Chicago were really excited to meet you too, except you were sleeping when they came! Which was understandable considering it was 8:30. But against Daddy’s will I woke you up and paraded you around. Unfortunately, you were not pleased with this decision so it wasn’t perhaps the best first impression of your usual behavior. While in Chicago you went swimming for the very first time! You seemed to be impartial to the whole activity perhaps even slightly suspicious. The water was a little cold and Bear kept splashing around. It probably took longer to get you and bear assembled and to and from the pool than we actually spent swimming, but oh well!

On March 5th your grandma and grandpa noticed that you have two little teeth poking out of the bottom of your mouth! Where did those come from? We had no idea that you were teething because you were happy and agreeable like normal, but all the sudden these two little mounds were peeking out. We don’t see them often because you’re always covering them up with your tongue when you smile. But when you laugh we get a little peek of them.

You absolutely love your brother (and who wouldn’t). You always light up when you see him dart by you (he doesn’t like to stop very often) and he loves you so much too. He’s very helpful getting your nuk and washing it off for you. Or playing with you by handing you toys to chew on (a favorite past of yours). You try to grab his face and eat it, but he doesn’t really enjoy that too much. When we had to give you the nebulizer for the first time Bear held your hand and it calmed you down. I’m sure lucky to have two such cute kids!

Now, I do wish that you would sleep better. You’re sleeping the same as you did three months ago which is fine, but not great. It’s nice because you go right back to sleep after you eat, but do you really need to eat 2 times a night?  We’ve got you on 5 oz in your bottles now during the day which is 2 ounces more per bottle than before and you’re doing cereal! We’re hoping that adding the purees will fill you up so you’ll sleep all night long. You’ve done a few nights only waking up once and that was great, if you could do that all the time we’d definitely appreciate it.

You haven’t had your six month visit yet, but I’m curious to see how much you’ve grown officially. You’re definitely in 6 month pajamas now, but I can still squeeze you into your 3 month pants and tops. Trying to get as much use out of them as I can because I’ve gotten you quite a bit of clothes!

I’m hoping that at your 9 month birthday I’ll be able to report that your cough is gone and we no longer need to nebulizer you and that you’re crawling and sitting and getting ready for cheerios!

Love you sooooooo much,


When Your Baby is Sick

19 Mar

So, this past Sunday at Bear’s pirate birthday both my mother and my MIL ganged up on me and the H because they deemed that the thermostat being set to 65 at night was too cold and this is why Bella was coughing. First of all, I think its absurd that they at the birthday party in a public arena decided to bring up this conversation. Second of all, its 68-70 degrees when we’re home and 65 when we’re sleeping and its already a $200 heating bill. Third, since when is 65 degrees fucking cold? And Lastly, I’m 99% sure that being cold doesn’t give you a cold.

That said, on Thursday my MIL had to pick up the H and Bella because Bear and I went to a birthday party and we only had one car. At that time she noticed that Bella was still coughing. Mind you, I”m totally unconcerned about this because she’s sleeping fine, eating fine, and completely happy and not remotely fussy. She has no fever. Yes, she does cough more at night than any other time. She has occasionally a runny nose. Our family has been passing a cold around. She however insists that the H takes her to a doctor.

So on Friday since I have the car she drives to our house and watches Bear while the H takes her car and drives Bella to the doctor. They wait forever at after hours since they couldn’t get an appointment. Now the rest I hear second hand from the H, but essentially the doctor is concerned about the cough because of how long she’s had it and because it seems like she’s slightly wheezing. She orders a chest x-ray to check from pneumonia. I can’t even imagine strapping a six month old into some contraption in order to do an x-ray. The doctor finds the x-ray inconclusive (but unlikely to be pneumonia) and the x-ray tech is gone so she prescribes amoxicillin just in case. She also orders a nebulizer.

I’m at work while all this is happening. I get a series of brief phone calls from the H on the topic and am furiously checking webmd and finding out about asthma, allergies, pneumonia and everything else related to coughs. I get home to my little baby girl and she’s kicking her legs and laughing smiling. How can this little girl be sick? She’s so happy!

Then we need to do the awful thing. Put the nebulizer on. Cover her little mouth with the mask and hold her while she furiously tries to take the mask off and she’s screaming and its so hard not to cry too. There are no words to describe how awful it is to see your child (or anyone you love) in pain and feel like there’s nothing you can do. And I can’t help but continue to think that this is excessive. She just has a cough! Is this necessary?

She has her six month appointment in a week, I have to wait. Give her the amoxicillin and the nebulizer (4x a day) and wait until I see the doctor again. And continue like everything is fine. Give her the first spoonful of purees when she turns 6 months old on Tuesday and hope that it really is a cough despite the tiny nagging worry in my head that it could be more.

I have no idea how people can deal with children with real life threatening diseases. I truly don’t think I could do it.

Why you Should Give to Japan

15 Mar

I realize that even if I did have money I wouldn’t have money. What I mean by that is should I ever actually accumulate great wealth or have a steady stream of a substantial income I would likely deplete it in the same manner I do with my modest income. For two reasons. One I have expensive tastes and would very likely be wearing designer clothes and shoes driving in my Lexus to my big beachfront property that also has a pool. And the second reason is because I would give it away. I couldn’t stand to be aware of people who have less than me that I could help, but aren’t for some reason. I would donate to charities left and right. I would have no friend in need. And quickly I would then have no money. I blogged about this almost 2 years ago to date actually. Recently, when we were watching Idol (yes we watch Idol) I commented to the H that with the amount of tears Jennifer Lopez was shedding for one of the contestants that was eliminated (has a young fiance that’s severely handicapped from an accident) she could instead give a tiny insignificant portion of her wealth towards her well being that would mean more to the contestant than her sobbing. And that’s why I couldn’t be rich, unless I was Bill Gates rich. Because I couldn’t help but always try to help someone.

I’m in the same predicament now, except without the extra zeros in my bank account (there’s just the one). In case you’ve managed to live under a rock Japan is under a major crisis right now (this NY Times article addresses the multitude of issues).  I don’t know how people can watch the videos of the destruction of the tsunami or read the reports of all the devastation and the growing counts of those dead or missing and not be affected. I know that a plethora of people who even take the time to be aware don’t care because it doesn’t affect them beyond a fleeting worry of how the stock market will react or if their beloved Japanese designer is safe. But you should care. You should care about people who aren’t yourself, your immediate family or your country that so many people proudly wave the flag of without any thought to the meaning behind. Then again when Hurricane Katrina hit in our country people remained equally as disinterested because it affected the poor and the black and the others on the outskirts of society.

But if you do care you should donate. While your thoughts and prayers are great this country is going to be devastated for a long time. Rebuilding will not come easy and will not happen overnight. In fact the worst may not even be over yet as we wait to see how the nuclear power plants react. I’m not saying give away your life savings or your children’s college education. But maybe two latte’s this week or in my case a chicken burrito, guac and a small soda amount to $10.01 at Chipotle which is what a text donation to the Red Cross amounts to with a savings of one cent.

From Reuters I compiled a list of different organizations that are giving aid to Japan. I very purposefully dismissed the Salvation Army because of their homophobic stance I will never give to them.

The American Red Cross: Online or send a text with REDCROSS to 90999 and $10 will be donated to the relief efforts.


Save the Children

Global Giving

Give to Asia

Doctors without Borders

Here’s also some advice about not being scammed when donating.

Personally I’m going to donate to the Red Cross and ShelterBox seems like a really interesting and great way to help. It’s a UK organization so convert your dollars into pounds one the first donate page (though on the RBS World Pay page it will do it for you as well).

I also realize that I don’t do a good job telling you why you should donate. I leave the NY Times and the rest of the media on the disaster to compel you to realize on your own why you should.


Happy 4th Birthday Bear!

7 Mar

Happy fourth birthday Bear!

I can’t believe that you are already four years old, how is that even possible? On some level I’ve been quite prepared for your fourth birthday, perhaps because you had a growth spurt this past summer and I had to start buying 4T clothes. As of your visit this morning at your doctor’s office you are now 3’5″ and 37 lbs! That’s a long ways from the 20.5 inches and 8 lbs 1 oz you were at birth!

This past year you have mastered potty training, with ease in fact. You have added bugs and pirates to your previous interests of dinosaurs and sharks. Your latest thing is singing all of the words to Mulan. You know all of the words to “Make a Man Out of You”, “Reflection” and “Girl Worth Fighting For.” We love listening to you sing. You know your numbers and most of your letters though not necessarily in the best order. With the exception of your writing skills we’re so impressed with all that you know.

I love your giant giggles and smiles that you love to give and especially your cuddles. You sneak into my bed every night, but I don’t remotely mind. You are such a happy boy and always ready to go for an adventure or treasure hunt.

You took swim lessons this past year and while you weren’t too keen about putting your head under water you loved jumping into the water and splashing around and can’t wait to go again. You also rode a tricycle for the first time this year, though at the time the trike was a little too big for you, now your long legs are sure to be able to reach. This spring you’re going to start baseball (well, as much as 4 year olds can play for 45 minutes).

You LOVE Halloween. For months afterwords and weeks before it was all you can talk about. Monsters, Vampires, Ghosts, etc. In fact you frequently speak about “your little ghost friend” who you still seem to go on adventures with. For Halloween you were skeleton. Your other favorite holiday is of course Christmas. And boy did you reap in the presents. Every time we went to the store you told us “to put it on my xmas list” in fact you still did that a few times in January and we had to remind you that now we’re putting it on your birthday list.

This past year we also welcomed your sister to our family. I can’t believe what an amazing big brother you have been. You love helping pick out toys and clothes for her. When she was first born you also quite enjoyed pressing the button to open the genie.  When Bella was a newborn you used to come with me in  the middle of the night when I’d feed her and put your head on her boppy pillow and use a blanket to cover you up and come and keep me company. It was just so wonderful. You are so gentle and kind to her stroking her head and giving her kisses. You like showing her how you roll over and handing her toys, you even let her suck on your finger once! You’re so helpful whenever she loses her nuk you’re always on top of it picking it up and rinsing it before you give it to her. You’re such a great brother! You have one lucky sister!

This year you’re going to have your very first birthday with friends and you’re so excited. You’ve already been to 3 of your friends birthday’s so far and you have one next week. You have loved going to them. This is clearly the year of preschooler’s birthdays!

Its been quite a year and i”m sure I’m forgetting a million things that you have done.

We love you! Happy Birthday!


Feb Resolution/Detox Fail

4 Mar

So another month in 2011 has come and gone and I have met no goals that I have set. I’ve decided perhaps I’m just lazy, selfish and irresponsible. What it comes down to is a fundamental  I don’t want to that dictates what I do and do not do. What I do not do is exercise, eat well or keep budgets. What I do is eat McDonalds, socialize with friends, lay around and spend money. I seem to be acutely aware of my transgressions but have no actual desire to change anything. Its an awful situation to be in (and realistically a probably easily remedied one) because I know everything that I do wrong, but I just don’t want to change it.

In essence I didn’t exercise once this month. I started out really good entering in what I ate daily for about 11 days and then I stopped. That was also the last time I weighed in — eek not looking forwarding to seeing how that number has fluctuated in the last 3 weeks. I’ve definitely accrued new debt. I’m constantly kicking myself for the fact that I could have paid of all of my credit cards but didn’t and instead accrued back debt that I had just paid off. Oh and back in November didn’t refinance the mortgage when the rates were 4.25%. FAIL. I did per the detox email The New Godmother weekly my spending and the first week there was definitely a feeling of nervousness of showing actual figures to someone, but that quickly went away after the first email. I feel inclined to continue sending it weekly to her, but I don’t feel like its having the desired outcome. She now is aware of the same thing I am — we eat out too much. I buy the kids too much stuff. These aren’t things I didn’t know.

Something new I’m going to try for March is not carrying credit cards with me. If I don’t have them then clearly I can’t spend. What I’ll wind up doing is maybe taking cash out and I can only spend the cash I have on hand. This will become effective tomorrow. Because I’ve already had two happy hours this week and tonight is a friend’s birthday dinner. Maybe better would be only carrying the card when I know I have to spend something like tonight’s dinner or next week when I’m having lunch with a co-worker for her birthday. We’ll see. Clearly I need to get back into the mode I was in last spring thru summer when I was a debt reduction powerhouse. I think what helped is that I didn’t pay daycare for almost 6 months so I had lots of excess cash and what doesn’t help now is that I pay 3x the amount in daycare than I did last year. We got our state tax refund last week and are expecting our federal one any day now and the H gets his yearly bonus in 2 weeks which is great, what would again be greater is that with that money we would be in a great spot, in a lets go on vacation great spot, but instead its just short of covering all of our debt. And not accruing more isn’t really in sight. We still have not figured out what to do about the fact that Squeegee died and the SIL is going to be needing her car back soon.

And exercise? Well yesterday I should have bought the Living Social deal for the Bikram Yoga studio in Woodbury, but I didn’t. As much as I complain every single day that none of my clothes fit me (which they don’t) another month passes and I’ve done nothing to remedy it. It comes down to the excuse that I’m too tired, too busy and work too late. Which are also all good excuses because when you don’t come home until 6:30 by the time you make dinner, get everyone to bed you’re: a) exhausted b) its 10pm and time for bed and c) rather watch Idol in bed and eat double stuf oreos.

I can’t wait until Bella is 3 before I get my ass in gear like I did with Bear. Mostly because when Bella is 3 I intend for her to have a 1 year old sister by then and if I’ve added more pregnancy weight on top of this pregnancy weight well then my friend I would be huge.

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