Happy 6 month Birthday Bella!

22 Mar

Happy Birthday Belly!

I cannot believe you’re six months old already, how are you getting so big so quick? It’s unbelievable how different you are from three months ago. In these past three months you’ve had your first Christmas. You had your baptism. You’ve mastered rolling around and eaten your first foods. You’ve even made your first trip to Chicago to see Babi and Papi. It’s been an exciting three months.

In December you went with us sledding and we left you on top of the hill in your car seat while we all sledded down!

Christmas was great. You loved all the excitement and people of your three Christmases! And Santa obviously rewarded you well with tons of toys and gifts. You’re one lucky girl.

On January 14, Daddy called me at work to tell me that you rolled over both ways. Then you went on a brief break deciding that rolling over was overrated. Now you’re doing it all the time. You’ve decided you don’t really need to crawl because you can roll your way across a room to get where you need to be. You’ve also figured out a way to roll forward. You scoot your butt up in the air and then push forward getting a couple of inches as you roll to your back, then you roll to your stomach again and repeat. You’re also always rolling over in your crib that we’ve resigned to just letting you sleep on your stomach because that’s what you seem to want to do.

On January 24th we gave you your first rice cereal. Which didn’t go particularly well. You got it all over the place and weren’t quite sure what we were trying to do. But you did quite enjoy the spoon. Now, you’re crazy about munching and can’t get enough cereal. You especially like trying to feed yourself and we need to pry the spoon from you to be able to get more food on it. Yesterday, you had your first puree: Applesauce! As predicted you loved that too and munched it up for lunch and dinner.

Your baptism was the day before Valentine’s Day. It was a beautiful day outside. Sunny and warm, a nice respite from the extreme cold. It was a beautiful ceremony that you smiled your way through and didn’t cry at all when the Pastor took you and dipped your head with the cold water. You looked more confused than anything else. Everyone loved you in your beautiful white dress.

At the end of February we drove to Chicago to surprise Babi for her Babi’s 50th birthday. You did very well in the 7 hour car trip there. You mostly slept or played with the toy from your new bouncy chair that the New Godmother got you for your baptism. In fact, you and your brother were much better than me who was cramped and tired and ready for the car ride to be over multiple times. I think Daddy got tired of me telling him to go faster. Babi was so surprised to see you and Bear for her birthday. She had no idea that we were coming. Mommy’s friends from Chicago were really excited to meet you too, except you were sleeping when they came! Which was understandable considering it was 8:30. But against Daddy’s will I woke you up and paraded you around. Unfortunately, you were not pleased with this decision so it wasn’t perhaps the best first impression of your usual behavior. While in Chicago you went swimming for the very first time! You seemed to be impartial to the whole activity perhaps even slightly suspicious. The water was a little cold and Bear kept splashing around. It probably took longer to get you and bear assembled and to and from the pool than we actually spent swimming, but oh well!

On March 5th your grandma and grandpa noticed that you have two little teeth poking out of the bottom of your mouth! Where did those come from? We had no idea that you were teething because you were happy and agreeable like normal, but all the sudden these two little mounds were peeking out. We don’t see them often because you’re always covering them up with your tongue when you smile. But when you laugh we get a little peek of them.

You absolutely love your brother (and who wouldn’t). You always light up when you see him dart by you (he doesn’t like to stop very often) and he loves you so much too. He’s very helpful getting your nuk and washing it off for you. Or playing with you by handing you toys to chew on (a favorite past of yours). You try to grab his face and eat it, but he doesn’t really enjoy that too much. When we had to give you the nebulizer for the first time Bear held your hand and it calmed you down. I’m sure lucky to have two such cute kids!

Now, I do wish that you would sleep better. You’re sleeping the same as you did three months ago which is fine, but not great. It’s nice because you go right back to sleep after you eat, but do you really need to eat 2 times a night?  We’ve got you on 5 oz in your bottles now during the day which is 2 ounces more per bottle than before and you’re doing cereal! We’re hoping that adding the purees will fill you up so you’ll sleep all night long. You’ve done a few nights only waking up once and that was great, if you could do that all the time we’d definitely appreciate it.

You haven’t had your six month visit yet, but I’m curious to see how much you’ve grown officially. You’re definitely in 6 month pajamas now, but I can still squeeze you into your 3 month pants and tops. Trying to get as much use out of them as I can because I’ve gotten you quite a bit of clothes!

I’m hoping that at your 9 month birthday I’ll be able to report that your cough is gone and we no longer need to nebulizer you and that you’re crawling and sitting and getting ready for cheerios!

Love you sooooooo much,


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