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When Your Baby is Sick

19 Mar

So, this past Sunday at Bear’s pirate birthday both my mother and my MIL ganged up on me and the H because they deemed that the thermostat being set to 65 at night was too cold and this is why Bella was coughing. First of all, I think its absurd that they at the birthday party in a public arena decided to bring up this conversation. Second of all, its 68-70 degrees when we’re home and 65 when we’re sleeping and its already a $200 heating bill. Third, since when is 65 degrees fucking cold? And Lastly, I’m 99% sure that being cold doesn’t give you a cold.

That said, on Thursday my MIL had to pick up the H and Bella because Bear and I went to a birthday party and we only had one car. At that time she noticed that Bella was still coughing. Mind you, I”m totally unconcerned about this because she’s sleeping fine, eating fine, and completely happy and not remotely fussy. She has no fever. Yes, she does cough more at night than any other time. She has occasionally a runny nose. Our family has been passing a cold around. She however insists that the H takes her to a doctor.

So on Friday since I have the car she drives to our house and watches Bear while the H takes her car and drives Bella to the doctor. They wait forever at after hours since they couldn’t get an appointment. Now the rest I hear second hand from the H, but essentially the doctor is concerned about the cough because of how long she’s had it and because it seems like she’s slightly wheezing. She orders a chest x-ray to check from pneumonia. I can’t even imagine strapping a six month old into some contraption in order to do an x-ray. The doctor finds the x-ray inconclusive (but unlikely to be pneumonia) and the x-ray tech is gone so she prescribes amoxicillin just in case. She also orders a nebulizer.

I’m at work while all this is happening. I get a series of brief phone calls from the H on the topic and am furiously checking webmd and finding out about asthma, allergies, pneumonia and everything else related to coughs. I get home to my little baby girl and she’s kicking her legs and laughing smiling. How can this little girl be sick? She’s so happy!

Then we need to do the awful thing. Put the nebulizer on. Cover her little mouth with the mask and hold her while she furiously tries to take the mask off and she’s screaming and its so hard not to cry too. There are no words to describe how awful it is to see your child (or anyone you love) in pain and feel like there’s nothing you can do. And I can’t help but continue to think that this is excessive. She just has a cough! Is this necessary?

She has her six month appointment in a week, I have to wait. Give her the amoxicillin and the nebulizer (4x a day) and wait until I see the doctor again. And continue like everything is fine. Give her the first spoonful of purees when she turns 6 months old on Tuesday and hope that it really is a cough despite the tiny nagging worry in my head that it could be more.

I have no idea how people can deal with children with real life threatening diseases. I truly don’t think I could do it.


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