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February Detox

26 Jan

So detox is a little bit of an extreme word, but looking at people’s fb statuses it seems to be the fad word of the month. So I’m proposing a financial and health “detox” for myself in February. What I need though is two friends to hold me accountable. One friend who I need to weekly? Every other day? Submit my spending to in order to ensure that I stay within my budget. I feel like if I need to tell someone what I bought and how much I paid for it I’m much more likely to stay accountable and stick to my budget. I’m thinking the new Godmother for this task.

Next “detox” would be a food/exercise one. I would need to submit my log of what I ate (and how many calories it was) as well as how much I exercised to someone. Now this would be really embarrassing I find if people knew quite how poorly I ate. My Lose it app on my iphone can be programmed to email my food/exercise log so this would be functionally quite easy. I’m thinking hmmm I still haven’t come up with a name for her but she knows who she is! (Hi, McDonaldsHater / Ex-Gym / ??? ).

I’m wondering if I had this accountability I could do it. Once I have the motivation I think it will be more habit and perhaps for March I would still enlist the help of my friends but on a less daily/weekly basis.

Thoughts? Does this seem like a good plan?

Death to Squeegee

26 Jan

So. On Sunday the H was supposed to go ice fishing with his dad, but instead on his way to his parents house his car completely broke down. Transmission gave out, tried to kill him and eventually the car was towed to his parents house since you know mechanics and dealerships are closed on Sundays.

This is my old car from college/high school that the MOH and I named Squeegee after an incident in which we tried to wash the car by squeegeeing him at the gas station. It’s a 98 VW GTI that’s had a pretty rough time. I mean the MOH and I used to drive around in the winter, windows down, heat and Britney Spears blasted, skanky shirts worn feeding each other strawberries with whipped cream at stoplights to amused male onlookers. We called this going to Jamaica since we created our own tropical paradise in good old squeegee. We once flooded the engine driving through giant puddles and creating huge splashes and we wound up having someone use a leaf blower to dry out the engine. After the latter incident squeegee would never properly run in the rain. Squeegee made regular trips between Minnesota and Chicago while I was in college. Squeegee carried all of my college stuff. Bear was actually conceived in Squeegee. Literally. This car has quite a lot of memories for me.

Someone else’s Squeegee:

But now squeegee is dead. There’s not even that many miles on squeegee but at 11 years and lots of unfixed problems its not worth it to fix him. Which is sad.


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