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Christening Conundrums

19 Jan

So I’ve been planning Bella’s baptism in record time. I like working under pressure and deadlines and I did plan my wedding in six months so this isn’t exactly uncharted waters for me, but it’s still hectic.

My first email to the pastor at my grandma-in-laws church regarding the baptism occurred before Christmas when I found out that the new Godmother was going to be in town for a weekend in January (for the baptism of her niece that she’s also a godparent of) and that she would not likely be able to come again. Meaning she wouldn’t be at her other goddaughter’s baptism. Not good. I obviously immediately panicked at this thought and realized waiting until after the holidays was probably not a good plan. It also turns out that a) The Pastor is out of town that weekend b) They will not do baptisms on Saturdays c) They only do baptisms on the second and fourth Sunday of the month and d) that this isn’t a very nice Pastor. I learned this past weekend at The H’s cousins birthday party that I’m not the only one who shares the latter sentiment. Apparently my Aunt in law had a run in with this pastor regarding her son’s confirmation. After numerous emails with the Pastor and many that took her a long time to respond to we finally settled on a date — February 13th. We settled on this date last week. Tonight we’re meeting (why and about what I’m not certain) and she was adamant that both The H and I go and that the kids cannot go with. I explained that you know we both work full time and babysitters aren’t exactly easy to come by, so she was flexible enough to allow the meeting in the evening. My MIL is coming over tonight to watch the kids and we’re going to drive over to the church. I’m not looking forward to this and will likely update tomorrow on what exactly went down. I’m hoping my fears are unfounded.

I covered a lot of ground in that previous paragraph so let me get into more detail.

The Godparents: Bella’s godmother isn’t going to be at the baptism because she was just in Minnesota (she lives in NC) this past weekend, which sucks. After all presence at the baptism is pretty much one of the most important functions of the role. At the very least the first function. So we have a stand in who basically I’ve deemed Bella’s Minnesota Godmother (who’s my MN best friend), she should after all have someone in town who will be around for like the holidays and birthdays and such. Bear’s godmother — the Original Godmummy– makes an effort to come once a year and always buys Bear’s Birthday, Christmas and just because you’re cute presents in that one go instead of sending them for each holiday. She also always calls on his birthday. Which is great, but its also nice that Bear’s godfather is the H’s best friend and always around spoiling Bear at every turn. Who wouldn’t want to spoil him? So Bella will now also have an in state and out of state godmother. Her Aunt is also her godmother which I think is weird, after all she’s already an Aunt she doesn’t need another function but the H was insistent. I’m going to ignore that and consider only my MN best friend and the New Godmother to be Bella’s godparents.

The Date & Invitation: It took numerous amounts of prodding to get the Pastor to confirm the date with certainty. With it being so soon I need to go to print with invitations ASAP. I finally wound up emailing someone else at the church just so I could get confirmation about the date and also the time. I ordered the invitations on Monday. Originally I had gone to Target, Party City and Hallmark looking for some invitations but didn’t like anything that I saw at any of them. So I decided to go a more expensive route and get printed invites online. I realized with the time crunch I was working under having invitations printed, sent to me and then I send them out would be almost a two week process but then I discovered that for less than the cost of shipping I could have the company print the address on the envelopes (for 35 cents an envelope) and then stamp them and send them out! Genius! So I ordered from Tiny Prints which I love. I think the invite is beautiful and on the back of it we have a photo of Bella.

The Dress: So my next issue was finding an outfit for Bella. I went to Gap and they didn’t have anything (except a huge 45% off sale!), Babies R Us had a traditional Christening dress that I loved but it was $45. Then I found this dress at Carters for $5.50!!

I wound up spending more on the tights and shoes (that I got for $15 total after 45% at Gap) than for the dress itself but look at how cute these shoes are I want them.

So the baptism feels likeĀ  its underway somewhat successfully. Few more tidbits to decide like menu and cake and such, but otherwise in such a short time frame I feel quite well prepared. I even already bought Bella’s baptism gift from Amazon on Monday.

I did want to take this post in a different direction and mention why we are having a baptism which might seem self explanatory but apparently isn’t as a friend questioned me on it on twitter recently. But I will leave that to tomorrows post when I talk about my meeting with the Pastor and having watched Doubt for the first time recently.


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