2010 New Years Resolutions Results

30 Dec

First let’s see how I did in 2010 with the resolutions I set  last year:


Result: I was pregnant so I ate like it and I did not exercise. I slept. According to mint.com I ate out 10 times in January.

  • Stop eating like I’m pregnant or famished.
    • Measured by using my iphone calorie counting app
    • Start exercising regularly in preparation for May’s 1/2 Marathon
      • 3x per week
    • Continue concept of “No Chipotle December”
      • Eat out 2X for lunch the whole month and once for dinner with the H
      • Exclusion being my birthday


    Result: Looking at credit card debt spreadsheet my debt did NOT increase. And I did NOT have any categories in the red. Woohoo!

    • Continue previous 3 goals.
    • Accrue no new credit card debt
    • Actually stick to budget for once.
      • Have no category in the red on mint


    Result: Gained weight (pregnant). Spent a lot on Bear’s birthday.

    • Continue previous goals
    • Have lost 5 lbs
    • Don’t go overboard on son’s birthday
      • Keep party spending under $50, do not buy additional gifts.


    Result: No Training, Budge was in the green and I did pay off my Target card!

    • Have run reasonable time on half marathon training
    • Keep budget in the green and continue No Chipotle December principles
    • Have paid down half of Target credit card.
      • or more depending on tax return!


    Result: Neither (pregnant)

    • Run 1/2 Marathon!
    • Go to Vegas and win Big!
      • I will settle with not losing big

    By end of 2010:


    • Had a baby.
    • Paid off credit cards then bought windows, a fridge, a pool, had my carpet cleaned, had a baby.
    • Did not keep budget in the green (except for January, February and April)
    • Spent bijillions on Christmas
    • Have gotten to ideal weight
    • Have paid off Target credit card, and some of Citi card.
    • Have kept to budget (as much as possible)
    • Did not spend bijillions on Christmas.

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