6 Jul

I realize its been quite awhile since I’ve done a money related post. Probably since I quit the second job. In fact I don’t think I ever really updated about the whole windows thing and I should probably do a mid year update on my whole get out of debt resolution.

So basically in the end, by my spreadsheet calculations, (I’m obsessed with doing things in excel or in this case google docs) working the second job at the store I made $688.47. I spent at the store $210.41 so basically a net of $478.06. Which isn’t too bad, but really didn’t help too much towards paying anything off.

Similarly, we should be in a great position this summer because for 10 weeks Bear isn’t in daycare. His Aunt is watching him 2x a week and our good friend the other day that we’re both at work. While we pay them, we pay them significantly less than we would pay our daycare for those 10 weeks. We should be saving $1,682. HOWEVER June was a very bad month. We spent a lot so in the end that savings that could have gone towards debt actually went mostly towards buying things in June =/ So that really sucks  that we (well really me) sucks so much. Because by my extensive spreadsheet calculations we would have been completely out of credit card debt at the end of the August with that money (minus the windows and fridge which are on a 0% APR so I’m not considering debt). But now… my calculations say and I’m not sure how, but basically that I’ll still have everything paid off in September. Let’s see if that actually works out that way!

Everything paid off but the windows and the fridge that is. With the windows we had them installed the last week of May and wound up going through an independent contractor (which I found through the MERSC program). The windows themselves are Alside. They look quite nice. I’m definitely really happy with them I’m just super kicking myself because I never took before pictures so I have no photographic evidence (or memory) of the crappy windows that used to be there. All in all the windows we went with (we redid all of the house) cost 3K less than the Andersen windows we were considering in the beginning. We wound up going with one of the Citi promotional offers so we have 0% interest until I believe Fall of 2010. We do have to make minimum payments though. Same with the fridge we got. We wound up getting a fabulous deal on a super pricey fridge and don’t pay interest for a year (but w/minimum payments). So I’m not counting either of those in my debt column since they’re interest free and I’m really banking of my tax return/the H’s bonus to pay them both off. By my calculations I need a 6K tax return/bonus combo to pay off the remaining balance they will both have next Spring. And that seems totally feasible.

I’m still really on the fence with this whole go to work/stay home thing I posted about before. On one hand things here at work are craptastic (post forthcoming) but I’m not really one who sits still well, and financially its sort of crapchute which is a better option. I’m fairly positive in the very least I’m going to spend some time looking for a new job while on leave. But we’ll see, things are getting even weirder here (is that even possible?) so perhaps I might be able to swing some sort of raise/promotion probably depends on how much ass kissing and integrity & moral respect for myself I want to lose.

All in all, things are ok on the money front. We just need to not be ridiculous like we were last month (Highlights: The H’s fishing trip and golf tournament, my Chicago Trip, Ridiculous food spending, maternity clothes, new vacuum, $300 carpet cleaning, my new Coach purse…)

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    […] I need to blog about the last two weeks, you know having a baby and being at home and all. I have a lot to say about it, but that’s not what’s on my mind now. Money is. I hate money. It’s annoying and frustrating and I continue to have such issues with it. I made such a concentrated effort to be better in 2010 in how I managed my money and I was on such a great track… until of course I wasn’t. Over the summer I was saving so much money by not having Bear in daycare that while I should have been on course to get out of debt, I decided to spend money instead. But I’ve already blogged about that. […]

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