Chicago Recap

30 Jun

This past weekend I ventured home to Sweet Home Chicago for a baby shower that my friends were throwing for me as well as to leave Bear with my parents for the week (they will be returning him Friday when they come up for the 4th).

We (my friend L, Bear and I) left on schedule at 10 am on Friday morning. However after 60 minutes into our drive (L was driving) a random tire part flew towards us and smashed into the windshield cracking it badly on the drivers side and a big crack across the whole thing.

So we pulled over in Eau Claire, WI. I spent approximately 45 minutes on hold, being transferred, being disconnected, recalling, being on hold, being transferred, etc with Allstate trying to figure out exactly what I’m supposed to do. All the representatives were very nice, but the fact that the whole calling thing took 45 minutes pissed me off. Luckily, it was covered at 100% with no deductible so we were able to call someone to come out the parking lot we were in and fix it. Problem was that they wouldn’t arrive until 1pm and the car wouldn’t be drivable until 3pm putting us at a 4 hour delay hanging out in Eau Claire.

Luckily due to my ingenuity and the  kindness of strangers we asked and were allowed to go swimming in the Eau Claire Hampton Inn pool that we happened to be stranded next to. So for an hour we took Bear swimming and then had lunch for another hour and then hung around the hotel while Bear built a rock castle waiting for the windshield to be done.

We finally got to Chicago close to 8pm, a full 10 hours after we departed. After dinner with my parents we joined my good friends B and A at my favorite restaurant, Tapas Barcelona, for drinks, dessert and late apps. We wound up chatting at a nearby park until way past my bedtime.

The next day was off to my baby shower hosted by the bf and A and it was wonderful. They did a fabulous job. I got lots of cute things for Isabelly definitely more clothes and books then the practical things I actually registered for. But cute things are still nice! After the shower I napped since I did not sleep well in the non air conditioned sweat lodge that is my parent’s place. It also did not help that Bear was sleeping with me and he likes to turn a full 180 degrees throughout the night. We then went back to Barcelona with 3 of my good friends and filled up on super yummy food. Then we met up with my male friends for bowling at some hole in the wall by their house. It was actually quite a nice little bowling alley it just happens to be above an abandoned hardware store. I did not bowl my best. It wound up being another late night, and due to the baby in the belly we declined to go out to the 4 am bars with the boys.

Sunday morning we woke up to a giant thunderstorm. It had to be one of the loudest I have heard in recent years, but after 2 hours of downpour it completely cleared up to a nice sunny day so we went with my dad and Bear to the pool. He quite enjoyed hopping about in the water like a goon and playing sea monster and other silly things. I remembered my love of swimming (and of not being ghostly white as I got some sun). After the pool we met up with friends at Bar Louie for a late lunch and then went to see Grown Ups at the theater before dashing off to meet my parents for dinner at Coalfire Pizza. It had to be one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever eaten. It was delicioius. We had the margarita, pepperoni and prosciutto pizzas. After dinner we re-met up with my friend’s at BAP’s place for cards and general hanging out. It was fabulous getting to see my friends all weekend and being back in Chicago. Like K says, Chicago summers are just really fabulous.

Monday we went to the pool one final time with Bear and my mom and then left at 1pm to be Minnesota bound (an hour past schedule) but got detoured stopping at Crate & Barrel and Starbucks at the local mall. So actually left Evanston at 2pm. Only to arrive at the outlet mall at 3pm and shop at the Coach and Guess Outlets until 4pm. Both L and I got matching Coach purses (because we’re ridiculous human beings) and I finally replaced my broken Coach sunglasses that I’ve had since 2004 (they still sort of functioned). So really we got on the road at like 4pm.

Once when I was driving I passed a car with a zillion antenna’s but no other sign of being a police car, unfortunately it was. However nicely the guy turned on his siren for a moment to alert me of his presence but then let me go about my way without pulling me over. Which basically meant that I drove behind him and not ahead of him for the next 20 miles that we were going the same direction.

We stopped at my favorite gas station/petting zoo and this time the goat did not try to eat our ice cream

We did see a rather pissed off Peacock who was in the same pen as two wild miniature horses who seemed to be engaged in some rough housing

Then further along our trip while L was driving she actually did get pulled over. It was super awkward when the Officer Bentley asked about what was in the bottle in the back seat and I momentarily panicked before realizing it was the leftover cider from the baby shower. I pointed to my belly and explained that we were not drinking. I think a combination of Isabelly and L’s breasts got us out of that speeding ticket because he went back to his car, ran her license, but returned empty handed and sent us about our merry way.

We finally arrived back in Minnesota around 9:30 pm.

It was quite a great weekend.

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