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Window Update

21 Apr

So an update on the window discussion from before:

We have since had two other people come out and price our windows. Pella quoted us about $2K less than Andersen and Home Depot about $1K less. The H preferred Home Depot because he liked the guy better and said they were better quality windows. I’m inclined to go with Pella because it was the least expensive and they’re still really great windows.

The H has been rather unsuccessfully been playing phone tag with two contractors for the last two weeks which sucks because I really want these windows installed mid-May so I want a decision made!

So here is where I need help — financing (making a decision that is, if you’d like to pay for it, even better!) I have a zillion options:

  1. Financing through MNCEE
    • 5.99% rate
    • maximum loan is like 20K
    • Application process requiring approval (already submitted)
  2. Balance Transfer with Bank of America
    1. 0.99% rate until end of December 2010 (8.99% afterwards)
    2. 3% transaction fee
    3. $2,500 available
  3. Balance Transfer with Citi
    1. 3.99% rate until April 1, 2012
    2. 3 % transaction fee
    3. $7,400 available
  4. Balance Transfer with Citi #2
    1. 0% rate until September 1, 2011
    2. 3% transaction fee
    3. $7,400 available
  5. Balance Transfer with Citi #3
    1. 0% rate until February 1, 2012
    2. 5% transaction fee
    3. $6,000 available

There’s actually like a zillion different variations of the citi offers but I think these were the best. It seems to me like its really between those two for deciding… what do people think?

I’m hoping on being able to pay the whole thing off after getting my tax return in March of 2011.

Weeks 14-17

21 Apr

Today marks the start of my 18th week meaning only two weeks away till my ultrasound when I find out the gender and to being halfway through my pregnancy. Wow, time sure flies by fast. Like the last 3 weeks. I’m not sure if too much exciting pregnancy stuff has happened in the last three weeks other than me being super excited to find out the gender.

For the longest time I refused to take a stance on whether or not it’d be a girl or boy not wanting to be disappointed either way, but with everyone thinking its a girl its gotten me quite excited about that possibility! I keep thinking about how I want to decorate her nursery and all the things I want to get. (Let me tell you having a girl would not be good for the budget! Too many cute dresses!)

Also, I’m sort of showing. Kind of. I mean. I’ve gained somewhere between 7-10 lbs since I found out I’m pregnant which isn’t too bad. And I feel like its mostly in my chest and belly. So again for being pregnant not too bad. All of my “fat” clothes still fit me so I’m not having any problems in the pants department, but its fairly impossible to find any shirts that don’t show my belly. Which would be fine except I’m in that awkward “is she or isn’t she?” place so you can’t tell if my belly is showing cause I’m chunky or cause there’s a little baby hanging out in there. So it makes getting dressed for work quite frustrating. I should specify for work at the store. I could care less about what I look like at the museum.

Speaking of the second job, its still sucking working two jobs and being pregnant. I’m not too tired yet from standing all the time and luckily I’ve been pretty much the designated cashier when I work so its something I really enjoy and keeps my mind off my feet hurting unlike folding for 4 hours straight. However, despite the fact that I’ve REPEATEDLY told them to not schedule me during the week they have done so the last 5 weeks in a row. So tomorrow I get to work a lovely 14 hours. And I work an event at the museum that afternoon so I’ll already have been standing for a few hours before I continue my standing at the store. Great. Working 14 hours sucks. But I’m pretty sure it sucks more when you’re also 4.5 months pregnant about it.And I swear to god if they schedule me on Mother’s Day despite the fact that I requested it off weeks in advance I’d probably quit.

Also, note to future possibly pregnant self: round ligament pain sucks. Its a dull crampy feeling in your right lower abdomen that it doesn’t go away. And its starts getting uncomfortable sleeping already. Not too bad, except you frequently wake up because some part of your body has lost feeling and blood flow.


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