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Week 13 Recap

23 Mar

Hmm. I feel like a lot has happened in the last week or so. I felt the baby or Trex as we like to call it move in my belly for the first time. The H was in disbelief at first until I googled it and showed him that its common to feel it earlier in the second child, and that normally you feel it around 16 weeks, so its totally feasible. Plus, I know “quickening” when I feel it. So that made everything a little more real to me. After the initial excitement I feel like I’ve been somewhat hesitant to think too much about it and get too invested after my little scare at week 5. But now I’m out of the danger zone so I’m more excited!

I’ve finally announced it to pretty much everyone. I told my boss on Thursday. I have no idea why I was SOOO stressed out about telling the Professor. As I was sitting in our bi-weekly one on one meeting I was contemplating how long I could go without telling him because I really didn’t want to. But he was totally excited. Ecstatic even. He started talking to me about zodiac signs, which I don’t remotely pay attention to, and what the baby was going to be, etc. He didn’t even remotely mention work even though I told him I had thought of what was going to be happening while I was on leave. Today I made the announcement to my department at large at our monthly meeting. I had been looking forward to doing that for sometime, but considering 95% of my co-workers already knew it wasn’t that big of a revelation.

What was really hard was telling my co-worker/friend whose going through infertility issues. I had put off telling her, but knowing that I was going to announce it at an inter-departmental database meeting tomorrow I wanted to give her the heads up so she wouldn’t react badly and make a scene. (She’s very emotional, slightly erratic, and prone to outbursts). I wound up talking to her for an hour because she was telling me all about her latest visit to the doctor, and how it was confirmed that at 32 she has no eggs and no chance of conceiving =/ She’s basically going through menopause at 32, she wasn’t always infertile, which I think makes it harder for her. She wound up crying while she was talking about it so I had another moment of ” how long can I go without telling…” But finally I had an in when she was mentioning how hard it was that all of her best friends were pregnant… “Well sorry to say, me too.”  I think is how I put it. I have to say it all happened so fast I have no idea how I told her. She seemed to react well (or at least covered it well) and it almost felt like on some level it wasn’t a complete surprise to her. So that was tough but okay in the end.

Also, I had my first “spotting” on Friday. By that I mean a co-worker in a different department that I’m not friends with asked my co-worker/friend E if I was pregnant, to which he confirmed it. He, being a boy, doesn’t see how being spotted at 13 weeks with a bump already is a big deal. But he, being a boy, and very clever pointed out that at least I am pregnant, imagine if she asked and I wasn’t! Touche E, Touche!

So all in all a good week 13. Tomorrow is 14 weeks and the start of the second trimester. How fast these things progress!


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