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Mexico – Day 8

15 Dec

(A Belated Post)

Woke up surprisingly un-hungover considering the debauchery of the previous night. Even though we were unpacked I managed to pack us in a subhuman rate so I could get the most of my pool/beach time before the 10:30 AM pick up for the airport.

The H declined to go swimming with me siting his lobster body as his reasoning (it was our last day! An unfit excuse in my opinion!) so I made him be my paparazzi for the morning.

First it was a final swim in the private pool.

Then it was off to the beach. Since it was a cloudy and windy day the waves were HUGE. Probably the biggest they had been yet, the H was clearly missing out!

And then I decided to get a little cutesy.

Then we rushed back to our hotel room so I could shower and change before the hotel transport could pick up our luggage (the resort is that big that you need a car to take you back to the lobby, at least if you’re carrying luggage. We walked everyday all around).

Then it was our final breakfast at La Marche where I sneakily made sandwiches and snacks into some ziploc bags for the airport ride.

Then the car came to pick us up.

When we arrived at the airport we realized we were on the same flight as the WI people we met in line at the Lobster Pot Thursday night, so that was quite amusing. I also realize, I don’t really understand what Duty Free means because everything seemed pretty expensive to me. I did enjoy how they market their cigarettes though:

I also really enjoyed the security line:

And then sadly at 1:25 our United Airlines plane left for Chicago. We arrived in Minnesota at around 9:25 PM after a long day of travel. We arrived to sub zero weather and snow, leaving 85 and sunny was the worst thing ever.

Definitely working on the H to move to a warmer climate, this winter thing doesn’t cut it for me anymore!


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