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Mexico – Day 7

12 Dec

We contemplated doing an excursion today being our last day, but in the end money (and my desire to take a picture with a monkey) prevented us from doing so. Though I have to say I regret not going snorkeling with Turtles or doing Explorer (ziplines, cenotes, etc).

Instead we spent the morning at the main pool where we hadn’t been yet since that’s where the monkey man said he would be. I managed to find him and both the H and got pictures with a spider monkey. It was the cutest/coolest thing. He had such soft hands and feet! The monkey guy came around again when I was in my suit and without sunglasses so he must not have realized I had already done a photo so I did another one. This time the monkey fondled me and grabbed my boob (and squeezed!) 3 times!

Afterwards we went to the beach for our final swim =( ! I became a lobster like the H, my entire front side is crisp leaving an uneven line down my side where my normal slightly tan backside is.

Then I had my spa appointment! It started out with a steam room, then sauna, then shower and then an hour aromatherapy massage. It was absolutely amazing despite my extremely sunburned skin. Ah, I can’t even explain it! I’ve only had a massage once before in Cancun (4 years ago) and I fell asleep during it so I don’t feel like it counts.

We went to dinner at Ginger, even though we’ve been there before, but I really wanted to do the hibachi grill at the expense of not trying all the restaurants. (We never went to Tamansari, the Indonesian restaurant).

The H got picked to try and spin this egg and crack it in half. He was also one of two people that was able to catch a shrimp in his mouth. It was quite impressive.

We ate with 8 French Canadians, and I ate both my sushi and the H’s, then shrimp bisque, then this fried rice thing and then the main course of shrimp, beef and vegetables. I thought I was going to explode. I in fact, had to go home and change out of my now immensely tight shirt and lay down at the expense of going to another Casino night. Which really sucked because the H was really looking forward all day to it. I offered that he go with out me which he refused, and when I felt better an hour later to go, but he still wasn’t willing. Probably because his lobster body was hurting him. He fell asleep while we watched Indecent Proposal (btw for one million dollars, I’d sleep with pretty much anyone).

I woke up the H and we went down to see the Las Vegas show. Which I’m glad we did because it was my favorite show to date.

What I have neglected to mention was that during all the shows the women are almost always wearing thong bottoms, which I have to say really enhances the viewing pleasure.😉

Then things got a little rowdy. I convinced the H since it was the last night we needed to take a tequila shot. Then I made him dance with me to the live Imperial Band. Then he had more rum and cokes and I had more tequila sunrises. We also reunited again with all of the people we were pretending to know: The Captain and his wife, Casino Couple, Nasty Couple, Polish Couple, Russian Couple. Sadly never saw the Faux Asian’s again. (He looks Asian at night, white during the day, its very confusing!)

Our rowdiness turned into deciding to make use of our free champagne this way:

And yes, I’m wearing my winning Sombrero.

Obviously what all drunk people need is room service:

Those buffalo wings were SO SPICY. They essentially made my mouth feel like the rest of my body.

These are how many matches it takes a drunk person to light a cigarette:

And then we fell asleep.


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