Mexico – Day 6

11 Dec

Morning was greeted with another wild animal by La Marche, I think this one is some sort of anteater/rabbit thing.

Apres breakfast it was off to beaching and pooling again. The H burned himself into the same shade as the lobster’s we ate the night before.

Before dinner, I took a hot bubble bath and then sat on the balcony with my book and tea. Is this the relaxing the H has been talking about?

We went to dinner at La Hacienda, which has been my favorite to date. Who can refuse guacamole (my absolute favorite thing!)! There was also a mariachi band. I ordered the seafood combo that was just so amazing I had to take a picture of it.

After dinner was the fire show, which was ridiculously awesome. I couldn’t get my camera to take that great of a picture of it, but here’s the best I’ve got:

Then it was the Mayan Show, which probably was great, but I was so unbelievably drowsy I kept closing my eyes during the soothing Mayan music. They had people in authentic wartime ritual costume, and it was amazing costumes, but just soooo sleepy!

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