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Mexico – Day 4

9 Dec

Originally the plan was to rent the car for another day and do Cozumel/Playa del Carmen since we didn’t yesterday, but instead today was a “relaxing” day. The H had to explain the concept of relaxing to me since I don’t do relaxing well. Apparently, relaxing is just laying around, but not using the time to think about what you should/could be doing.

We had breakfast at La Marche again. I began to finally realize that all inclusive meant that I can keep eating beyond fullness because food is there and yummy. Perhaps not the best thing to learn, but my plate was laden with goodies. I also got a mimosa this time. I tried another one of the fruit juices except this one Papaya, Melon something I couldn’t drink. It tasted good, but it literally smelled like vomit. I realize that no matter how good something tastes, if it smells rancid, you just can’t eat it.

After breakfast we encountered this creature, whom I think looks like a raccoon monkey.

We then encountered an iguana that I took a picture with, even though I was afraid it would eat me.

We spent the morning at the pool, burning ourselves. Then went to the beach for some more wave action. For dinner we did “La Tierre” which was basically like an American restaurant. The H ordered ribs, fries, and a brownie sundae.

We went home and decided to drink one of the bottles of champagne we had found. It turned out to be so bad that we needed to play 2 person Circle of Death to try and finish it. That lead to a great rule of mine if I don’t say so myself!

Afterwards we went to “The Broadway Show” which has been my favorite thus far. Then again who wouldn’t love Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Cats, Cabaret, and Phantom?I of course kept drinking Tequila Sunrises and as usually got drunk. =)


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