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The Whole Adam Lambert Thing…

25 Nov

Okay so this whole “controversy” over Adam Lambert’s performance on Sunday’s AMA’s is really pissing me off. I watched the AMA’s (American Music Awards) even though I normally don’t interest myself in those things, but nothing else was on and they kept promoting him as the finale and having been a huge fan during Idol I was interested. I watched the performance and didn’t think anything of it at all. It was a over the top and it wasn’t the kind of music I expected from him, but I liked it and thought it was catchy. I’d been following the #AMA twitter buzz and a pour of anti-gay comments began to flood through, but I just shut off twitter and left it at that.

Until the next morning when I hear that his ABC Good Morning America concert was canceled because of complaints due to his performance and that the performance was censored for the West Coast. WTF? I’m still uncertain of what he did that was wrong, other than of course be a man and be gay. Clearly these things are just too horrendous. Britney Spears does the same kind of dance moves all the time, expect she barely wears clothes when she does it. Plus, who cares that he kissed another guy, would it be a big deal if he had kissed a girl? Or what about the comparison that everyone else makes of Britney and Madonna kissing?

I hate these fucking double standards in the media.

His performance was no different than anyone else’s except his gender and sexual orientation. I’m so happy that he refused to apologize on the Early Show. In fact I agree with everything he said in the interview.

Bravo Adam.

Also, the song “For Your Entertainment” is completely stuck in my head. Watch the video.


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