Green Bay Recap

23 Sep

I have returned from yet another weekend out of town, marking 5 weekends in a row that I was gone. I am hoping to finally be home for awhile, at least until Halloween when I’ll embark back to Chicago for the holiday/a friend’s 25th. I normally love this busyness and traveling and certainly seeing my friends, but at this point it is just good to be home.

Green Bay was fun, a somewhat motley crew it felt mostly because my high school boyfriend and his girlfriend were there and I haven’t seen them since my wedding three years ago. Plus, its always just so awkward to be around him. I completely feel like I have to sensor/restrict myself. He also seems exactly the same which is weird. Especially weird because when I’m not around him I can barely remember him at all, what he looked like, acted like, etc. Amazing considering we dated for two years, I was going to “marry” him (the way people say they’ll marry each other in high school) and of course the fact that I came to college here only because of him.

Plus, his girlfriend is also sort of a mute. I mean, she’s super nice, but she never talks unless spoken to which is very awkward.

The house and 20 acre property was absolutely beautiful and I had fun though I somewhat wished my friends were more awake and willing to do things like play tag or capture the flag or something. We did go on a hike, in which I got us all lost (somewhat intentionally) and played ultimate (in which no one would ever pass the frisbee to me).

I didn’t get drunk despite the persistence of one of my friends. Continuing to make the last time I was drunk be probably my birthday 9 months ago.

ALSO!!!! Highlight of the weekend: I played flip cup (5 cups) 3 against 1. Meaning me against 3 hearty men and I kicked their ass. It was amazing. I continue to reign as flip cup champion!

Lowlight of the weekend: $275 speeding ticket for going 88 in a 65. Ooops!

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