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The Party Bus

31 Jul

Disclaimer: I’m using MAD stereotyping here.

My best friend from Chicago, J, comes to MN every year with her whole family and they rent a cabin. Since they’re going to be passing through my stomping grounds I will get to see her for one night only tonight.

Here’s the catch. She has another friend in MN whose having a party tonight equipped with a party bus with a stripper pole.

Here are my problems with this:

  1. It cost $20 to partake in this bus (then probably more for cover at downtown bars)
  2. This will be a party consisting of girls specifically girls I don’t know
  3. This party will be consisting of girls from Wayzata
  4. I have to drive to Wayzata (30 miles) to get on said party bus
  5. I have to go to downtown bars with Wayzata girls I don’t know

I feel like this list has quite exemplified all the things about this outing that simultaneously make me want to vomit and hide.

I can’t decide if the issue is some sort of hidden high school angst about such an outing or the simple fact that I feel somewhat too old to partake in such activities?

The thing is, I want to see J and this is what she wants to do. Should I suck it up and put on my best I’m a slutty preppy rich sorority girl face?


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