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Theme Parties

27 Jul

I love theme parties and have sadly been to very few. My friends in Chicago had a themed party a few months back (Heroes and Villians) that I sadly was unable to attend. Since I’m going to visit them in a few weeks I’m trying to convince them to have another themed party since I love them so.

I realize why don’t I just have a themed party myself? I think that my friends here just wouldn’t be into that. Am I making an unfair assumption that they don’t like to drink and don ridiculous outfits?

Some themes I’ve suggested to A:

– Tarts and Vicars (shamelessly stolen from Bridget Jones)

– Angels and Demons

– Moulin Rouge or Vaudeville

-Pajama Party (though I would be torn between lingerie and my footed fleeced pjs)

– Clothes Swap (I saw this on a show, Lipstick Jungle I believe, where at some set time interval everyone had to swap an article of clothing with the person next to them. It looked quite amusing)

-Stripping Party (Which sounds dirty but isn’t. You come wearing as much clothes as you can  (think Joey in Chandler’s clothes, this is also really easy to facilitate for people and requires no creativity) and every hour someone would ring a bell or yell or whatever and everyone would remove an article of clothes and presumably take a drink… this could be done every half hour as well.

I’m sure I could think of more given time but these are the ones that have come to mind the quickest.

Shopping in My Closet

27 Jul

This morning I got an email from Gap advertising their “Give and Get” coupon, which gives you 30% of any purchases at Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic and 5% of your purchase goes towards the charity of your choice. I chose the Global Fund.

So now I have this coupon… and we know how I am about spending money and coupons in specific. But I’ve been so good in the month of July at not blowing my budget that to go shopping on the 27th of July seems kind of ridiculous. Plus, this whole time I’ve specifically not been shopping for clothes (not that in reality I ever actually shop for clothes I tend to blow my money on books, dvds, anything at Target, and toys/clothes for my son) because I’m not sure what size to buy clothes in since I’m still actively trying to lose weight.

On Friday night when I went out with friends I wore a pair of new(er) Express jeans in my original size and spent the whole night pulling them up as they were too loose which makes me think I should probably invest in some clothes that fit me now. What sucks is that I somewhat recently (within last 6 mths) purchased 5 pairs of Express pants that I love (and that cost a pretty penny) which are all now unfortunately too big for me. So what to do? Buy new pants that fit now, buy pants that are tight now but would fit in the future, or invest in a nice belt? Seems like the latter is the smartest decision except I a) hate belts b) feel like belts look stupid on pants that are clearly too big on you.

I’ve still got 14 lbs to go till my ultimate goal. I imagine that’s probably at least another pant size, no?

All of this “thinking” got me motivated to try on some of my clothes that are pushed far back in the closet as they don’t fit me. Or should I now say didn’t fit me.

I’m pleased to report that all of my dresses (minus the beautiful size 4 Ann Taylor dress I wore on my 16th birthday and hope to wear again to one of the upcoming fall weddings) fit me! I wish I had my prom dress because I would certainly have tried it on (I actually have no idea where that is). I then motivated by this encouragement went on to my skirts and they all fit me (minus my quintessential freshman year ass curtain– though I’m in no hurry to wear that again) So then I ventured downstairs to where all the spiders hang out to break out my box of pants that don’t fit. Sadly, two years ago I ravaged my closet and gave almost all of my “too small” clothes to goodwill except those that held sentimental meaning, so this box was sadly a small one.

Opening it up I literally felt like I could smell the sex and alcohol that defined 2003/4 for me. Nostalgia blinded me with the smell of 151 and the sweaty trains that filled “the lounge” parties.  I was able to fit into two of my standard freshman year pants. My pink cords and my Italian handmade beaded jeans. Bliss. Sadly, my favorite completely shredded light denim size 5/6 express pants didn’t (odd since a lot of size 4s did, goes to show its all about the cut of the pants). And neither did my black pants. Ah, those pants. I could go into unnecessary detail about the torrid affairs that occurred in those, but I’ll spare you the details and instead announce happily that I think I’m 2 maybe 3 pants sizes smaller than I was in March ! Woohoo!

I realize, you can barely see the pants in some of these shots, but it’ll give you an understanding of what happened in those pants.


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