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How does your garden grow?

20 Jul

Since I have a house now and all I figured that I should probably try some gardening. Having grown up in a city in a condo, this concept is quite new to me. With the help of Google, Wikipedia and the Washington County Library I read enough about gardening to attempt to do some.

However, what was neglectfully mentioned from my dear colleagues is how fucking expensive gardening is. I spent probably close to $500 this year on stuff for the yard, which really really sucks. I hope this was mostly do to initial expenses and I won’t be reoccurring these next year, especially since I chose to go with mostly perennials. It also helps that the lady who owned the house before us had a pretty healthy mix of perennials going anyways. Also, I have since discovered a program which will allow me to be reimbursed for 50% of my gardening expenses if I apply for a grant through the Washington County Land & Water Conservation program.

So what did I do? Well for the spring I planted bulbs in my containers (that have since then died, and were sadly never photographed, but I had pretty tulips and hyacinths going). I divided some hostas (an arduous task these were massive), started a vegetable garden (green pepper, tomato, strawberry, grapes, beans, lettuce, zucchini and cucumbers) and then planted general miscellaneous all around. Unfortunately, I also planted quite late in the season. In fact I still haven’t planted my carrots or green onions, but I think its too late at this point. We shall see if my vegetables make it to harvest or my sunflowers bloom before the MN frost hits us.

All and all, I’ve quite enjoyed gardening, minus the expense. I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to harvest these veggies (should they grow) or what steps I need to take to prepare my garden for the fall/winter. Lots and lots of mulch? But I imagine these are things I will figure out.


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