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The Busy Weekend

17 Feb

So it was an interesting Valentine’s weekend to say the least.

Thursday, I had spent all day looking at pictures of puppies as I had been pretty much all week and I found a puppy that I just loved. I sent a picture of her to the Husband and I finally started to win him over on the whole “Let’s get a 2nd dog” topic.

Fueled by encouragement that he thought she was cute I managed to convince him that we should go get her that night. I managed to get out of an event I was working 1.5 hours early and got F to watch the son and met the Husband at the Animal Humane Society at 7pm before their 7:30 closing.

Needless to say we brought Toodles (now Elia) home that night.

It was a crazy weekend watching her all the time and trying to house train her while making sure she and Athens weren’t getting in trouble, that the son wasn’t bothering her, etc. However, it was all worth it when at one moment all 5 of us were in bed relaxing. The two dogs at my feet, the son eating his favorite Apple Jacks, the Husband and I just laying back looking at our ridiculous growing family. I’ve attached a few pictures of her. Though it’s impossible to get her to keep still. I have better ones on my phone but I haven’t yet figured out how to upload those.

So now it brings us to Sunday (Oh and Vday was good, we went out to Sunsets which was yummy and rented “Zach and Miri make a Porno”)

My Ailments:

I’ve had a cough for about two weeks. A terribly booming cough that once I get started is difficult to stop and often wakes me up in the middle of the night. However, I cough maybe 3-4x a day. So while annoying when it happens its not a perpetual thing. Plus, I don’t feel sick.

I’ve had this weird bump on the way back and side of my tongue for like a week. And it sort of hurts, more so than hurts its just irritating because its constantly rubbing up against my tongue. I’m sure you’ve heard me complain or tweet about my tongue recently.

Then on Sunday for some reason my neck hurt. I had the Husband rub it to no avail. In fact I felt like it was getting worse. He even rubbed me with excessive amounts of bengay but it still hurt and then at one point I couldn’t remotely move my neck at all. Or move my arm in certain directions. So the Husband drove me over to urgent/after hours care 15 minutes before they closed.

Because they were about to close they let me in right away, plus everyone was looking at me funny because my head was perpetually turned slightly to the left because centering and anything to the right hurt. I also never noticed how one turns their head before they round a corner and then their body. It becomes very noticeable when you have to move your whole body at once. And awkward. You should try it.

Anyway I think my doctor was slightly prescription happy.

He said I have Torticollis or twisted neck and prescribed me muscle relaxant.

Apparently Vicodin is an unknown cough suppressant and since it has kept me up at night and been around for 2 weeks that’s what he suggested for it.

He looked at my tongue and said, “Well I’ve never seen something like that before. But you’re too young to have cancer.” So he gave me some penicillin in the hopes that its a bacterial infection and will go away. I’m to come back in a week to make sure that in fact I am too young to have cancer.

So basically after taking all 3 “drowsy inducing” medicines I completely knocked out on Sunday and understood exactly what “comfortably numb” meant and why people  get hooked on prescription drugs.

Monday afternoon after only taking the ‘cillin I somehow completely passed out while the son was napping only to wake up to the son screaming (for an unspecified amount of time), 3 missed calls, and poop in my bed (Elia’s not my own) which was wonderful and has led me to only take the muscle relaxant and vicodin at night, but early enough that it can’t possibly still be in my system 12 hours later.

My neck  is better, except in very certain very extreme angles. I am also despite the coke I’ve been drinking exceptionally exhausted and completely capable of falling asleep right now in my very quiet office.

That my friends was my extended weekend.

Apparently it’s in his blood

11 Feb

To go along with my previous post according to Wikipedia,  “This breed [Weimaraners] is known for having a penchant for stealing food from table and counter tops whenever given the chance.”

Clearly he can’t help himself. I also recently re-read a book on his breed that I got when we first got him that also talked about how the breed likes to sleep in beds and on pillows (Athens goes as far as undercovers) and that they have a tendency to open doors and cabinets and taht people have resorted to babyproofing for their weim. Which we also had to do. We had to lock the pantry because Athens broke into it too often and ate everything.

However look at how fucking cute he is!

Things My Dog Has Eaten

6 Feb

Please remind me of something i’ve forgotten:*

  • Bowl of chocolate kisses (with wrappers)
  • All pantry items (including but not limited to: raw pasta, mashed potato flakes, peanut butter, rice, Hamburger Helper, Gerber Graduates, dried soup)
  • Sippy Cups/Bottles
  • Plastic bowls & silverware
  • Tupperware and lids
  • Nuks
  • Nylon Sock
  • Plants
  • Ceramic
  • Zinc lozenges
  • Vaseline (licked out half of it)
  • Keys and keychains
  • Camera & case
  • Leather headphones
  • Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Too many pans of banana bread
  • Birthday Cake (before I got to blow out the candles!)
  • Garbage
  • Carpet (there is significant hole in our bedroom. We moved the bed over it)
  • Any food not immediately put away.
  • Used Kleenex
  • Diaper
  • Leather shoe
  • Towels (he more ripped than ate them)

*Note these are all things he has eaten without permission.


5 Feb

So being bored at work, or more so not particularly wanting to work on any given tasks I’ve decided to undertake teaching myself HTML. So essentially for the last 9 hours that’s all that I’ve been doing. I’ve come quite far. I’m pretty impressed with myself. It’s difficult not having a program like Dreamweaver, etc because positioning in CSS with just notepad amounts to me trying different numbers and continuously hitting refresh on my website to see if it’s lining up correctly.

The real question: once I finish what exactly am I going to do with this?

Am I actually going to use this website?, almost impossible.

I’m basically going to walk over to my web-designer friend E and say, “Hey look what I did all day.” and that’ll pretty much be it. If he’s impressed with my sheer talent after 1 day (which he won’t) maybe he’ll say, “cool, maybe you can do the emails for your department then.” Except he won’t say the latter because again I don’t have any of the software needed. So basically I’m spending all day trying to impress a co-worker.

Plus, I got to admit I sort of find it really interesting.

I’m wondering if I made a mistake when I told my old boss, S, that I didn’t want an IT career in my department but wanted to focus on fundraising instead.


4 Feb

This is creepy and creepily awesome.


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