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5 Feb

So being bored at work, or more so not particularly wanting to work on any given tasks I’ve decided to undertake teaching myself HTML. So essentially for the last 9 hours that’s all that I’ve been doing. I’ve come quite far. I’m pretty impressed with myself. It’s difficult not having a program like Dreamweaver, etc because positioning in CSS with just notepad amounts to me trying different numbers and continuously hitting refresh on my website to see if it’s lining up correctly.

The real question: once I finish what exactly am I going to do with this?

Am I actually going to use this website?, almost impossible.

I’m basically going to walk over to my web-designer friend E and say, “Hey look what I did all day.” and that’ll pretty much be it. If he’s impressed with my sheer talent after 1 day (which he won’t) maybe he’ll say, “cool, maybe you can do the emails for your department then.” Except he won’t say the latter because again I don’t have any of the software needed. So basically I’m spending all day trying to impress a co-worker.

Plus, I got to admit I sort of find it really interesting.

I’m wondering if I made a mistake when I told my old boss, S, that I didn’t want an IT career in my department but wanted to focus on fundraising instead.


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