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4 Feb

This is creepy and creepily awesome.

Other Things…

4 Feb

I can’t help but think of all the other things I could have said in my 25 (really 30) things about me. Like:

  1. I always get the same thing at Coldstone: Like it Lemon Sorbet with gummibears inĀ  a waffle cone.
  2. My favorite color is teal (not Tiffany blue)
  3. I really overuse (and like) parentheses.
  4. I’m really afraid of birds. When a flock of seagulls come at me at the beach I always scream. I think its because as a child I was chased by a swan. I would later have another terrible experience with a Swan.
  5. I don’t like stuff with stuff inside. I don’t like biting into something and have something ooze at me. Like stuffed chicken, or donuts or chocolate. Ew.
  6. I really love bacon. And bbq sauce. In fact I specifically love eating chicken wings and getting bbq sauce all over my face. I find it oddly endearing.
  7. I generally like movies about relationships that fail and/or struggle. I think they’re more realistic. (American Beauty, Good Girl, Closer are three of my favorite movies)
  8. Patron shots are a necessary vice.
  9. I’ve been smoking for 5 years and have never been addicted. A part of me wonders if I’m doing it wrong or if i’m just lucky.
  10. I really like it when the dog licks my toes.
  11. I’m a mean stabber (especially with carrots or corn on the cob)
  12. I don’t like girls and generally don’t have many female friends. I find women to be on a whole superfiscal, frivilous and petty. The only women I like are those that also don’t like women.
  13. I think being called girly is an insult. I prefer to be considered “one of the boys”
  14. I didn’t start eating butter until 2005.
  15. I didn’t start eating cheese until 2007.
  16. I can’t imagine life without #14 and #15 now.
  17. I like quizzes like this too much and think that you can learn a lot from a person from the kind of responses they give and I wish more of my friends filled/will fill them out.
  18. I can’t for the life of me make a whip noise. Though I amuse people when I try.
  19. I also can’t whistle, blow bubble gum, or carry a tune.
  20. Including the 30 I’ve already done I now have 50 random things about me. I can do basic simple math.

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